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AADN, an associative and cooperative structure, putting digital at in the hands of all willing creators. Here, in Lyon 2012. Espen J. Aarseth's 1997 "Cybertext:

AADN. Développement des arts et cultures numériques. (Digital arts and cultures development).Lyon. This association is new m - Convergence, an exposition in Paris, Fall 2014.
> Simstim (2012).
- Art leader and coordinator, Pierre Amoudruz.
- Management and communication: Claire Zuliani.
- Action "Trackers", see our note "surveillance.

Aaron. The painting program written by Harold Cohen. See Cohen.
- Quoted by [Berger-Lioret], several pages.

Aarseth Espen J.
< Cybertext: Perspectives on Ergodic Literature. Baltimore, Jonhs Hopkins University Press (1997). His text "Nonlinearity and Literary Theory" is republished in [Wardrip-Fruin, 2003]

Abad Antoni. Web art. Wikipedia.
Biographie Dernière exposition en 2022
> (2003). Building a community of creation throught mobile devices. Presented, 18 pages with pictures in [Algora].

Abbado Adriano
< Visual Music Masters. Skira 2018. Our post.

Abad Donald. Video and interaction. The website shows many illustrative videos of the works.
> Plateaux (2015). Augmented reality of a Moon scene.
> The irresistible ascension (2015) . Augmented reality with tablets. Video on Vimeo.
- We paid a visit to his site on 4/3/2013. Many of his videos are not strongly interactive, but always rather conceptual. Abad frequently films > Onk!Onk! (2013). Augmented reality installation.
> Flying Babel (2011). Here there is a sort of interaction: the user controls the movements of the camera.
> Allo la base. Ici l'éclaireur, vous m'entendez? (2012).

ABC. A broadcaster.
> Lost (2004). Game and Transmedia. 23 pages and several notes in [Rose], for instance: "... it creates an environment where people need to talk to each other to get the whole story". See transmedia.

Abdelaziz Talbi. An algorithm generating interesting shapes. See his blog.

Abe Hitoshi. Architect
> Reihoku Community Hall (2002). Quoted by Terracol with picture, for its use of a double conoid.

Abe Shuya.
> The Wobbulator (1970 c. ) by Nam Jun Paik and Shuya Abe. Interfering with electronic signals. Comparable to Oscillons. A note and video on Random Magazine.

Abe Yoshiyuki. Photography. Algorithmics. Compart page.
> Animation XII (1997), screenshot presented by [Lieser] with a large picture

Abel Robert. (+ 2001). Wikipedia. Couchot 2003]). A copy > Chicago Skidmore (1981). A copy in Ina collections.
> Braun Micron 2000 (1981). A copy in Ina collections.

Lucas Abela.
> Live performance (2016) Music, perfomance or derision.

Abendroth Manuel. A member of the LAb[au] group.

Annie Abrahams: " She constructs forms of collective writings on the net and reconstructs them into offline perceptions, which leads to

AB Prod . A graphics production studio.

Ablinger Peter. Music. Digital ?
> Ohne Titel/3 Flöten (1989-1991). Cited by [Lehmann]


Abrahams Annie. "Collective writing, performance, net art", Webpage Presentation of cyberperformance in 2012.
> Reading Club (2013). Performance with Emmanuel Guez in Chercher le texte symposium.
> I Only Have My Name (1999). [Greene] p. 92-93.
> Je suis seul (1998), [Bootz].

Abreu Ivan.
- More in French.

Acconci works on space, and spaces.

Abrigeon Julien d' . Wikipedia
> Le bruit (2000). Bootz.






Abstract Project. A gallery. An emanation of Realités Nouvelles Salon

"It is a collaboration and participation driven Art Centre aiming to address esthetical, scientific or societal issues related to abstraction. This experimental art space emanating from the Réalités Nouvelles Association is open to artists, curators, critics, art historians and art students.

"It is a place of creativity, reflection and diffusion for abstract, non-figurative, non-objective art forms, whatever the form or medium. It is a space dedicated to exhibitions, exchange and confrontation. Debates, colloquia, workshop and artist in residence programs will be intercalated within the program of exhibitions. All contemporary creation projects are eligible as long as they are closely related to abstraction."

"It is managed by a committee of artists participating on two levels of responsibility: Organisation & Programming and Project Implementation & Follow-Up. Each artist contributes as much as he/she can in terms of both availability and skills in order to ensure the missions of selection, development and implementation of artistic projects and exhibitions.

"These projects are financed by the exhibiting artists and contributors themselves while the members of Abstract Project and Réalités Nouvelles contribute on a free and voluntary basis. Support funding will come from membership fees as well as support from “friends” of ABSTRACT PROJECT – An Abstract Art Space and other sponI

"It emanates from the Salon Réalités Nouvelles Association but is not only open to artists exhibiting at the Salon des Réalités Nouvelles. It is also open to other artists.

"It is developing a policy of mediation in favour of the public as part of the development of the contemporary art offer in Paris and particularly, in the 11th arrondissement.

"With the support of the Réalités Nouvelles Association, it also wishes to promote a partnership policy at both national and international level for “beyond-the-walls” projects aiming to encourage artistic networking and exchange with other structures and cultural organisations


The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Website.
- In january 2010, Paul Debevec, Tim Hawkins, John Monos, and Mark Sagar have received the Scientific and Engineering Award. The Siggraph

Accen. L'Assemblée pour la culture et la création à - An open book about the issues opened by digital generalization.

Acconci Vito Hannibal. Site web. (On this site, some beautiful pictures, as this one, but nothing more, it seems.)
From poetry to urbanism. See the catalog of' a dedicated exposition in Musée des beaux arts of Nantes (France, Loire Atlantique) in 2004.
< Vito Hannnibal Acconci Studio, Anonymous. Presses du Réel, 2004.
- Quoted in many pages in [Parfait, 2001]. Two pages and a picture in [Meredieu].
- "Vito Hannibal Acconci (born 1940) is an artist and writer based in New York. His proteifofm work expressed itself first in poetry and peformancce, fillm, video, sound, installations and sculture. Then, wih the creation of Studio Acconci, he came to architecture and design. ... his research, from the page to his own body and urban space... " (according to the catalog of an exposition in Nantes' Musée des beaux arts de Nantes in 2004. Our translation).
>Remote Control
> Room Situation (Proximity) (1970)

Victor Acevedo: The Lacemaker (1996).

Acevedo Victor .
- ACM/Siggraph Education Committee/The History of Computer Graphics and Digital Art.
- Presented in Frank Popper : From Technology to Virtual Art

- He says himself "The computer is crucial to the creation of the work. It is the tool or instrument utilized to build the metaphorical space-frame ‘psychic-energetic-molecular’ models in a virtual 3-space. The computer mediates in its enabling seamless compositing of purely computer generated structures with digitized photography. The flow of the creative work is ‘cyber’ in that it is man-machine interface that in effect boot-straps the artist into a dynamical interactive feed-back loop of intuition and analytical thought."

As Harold Cohen or Faure-Walker, Acevedo began his career as a traditional painter. He painted his last oil canvas in 1984 and afterwards used only > Springside Cynthesis (1999) Quoted by [Lieser] with a picture
- Quoted by [Berger-Lioret], p. 40.

Acme. Architecture Studio.
> UN Memorial (2010C). Quoted by Terracol with picture and geometric explanations: use of Voronoi diagrams.

Acquaviva Frédéric. Music. Sound and music artist, creator of "chronopolyphonic" installations, dis and computer since 1990
> Two monographic concerts at ZKM, Karlsruhe (May 2017).
> Mess (2015-2017), composed at EMS Studios, Stockholm, created at Berghain,
> Musique Algorithmique (2015), artist book or photographics exhibition or concert
- Portrait article in Art Press n°393 (oct. 2012).
> Loré Ipsum (2011-2012), for mezzo-soprano and dead electronics
> {...} (2010), also exists as an objet at 3 copies (2017)
> Le Disque (2009-2010), 8 locations + live stream event piece
> Musiques Convergentes (2000-2017), transmedia cycle
> Oreilles Vides (2000), 5 hours confessions of a computer
> Tri (2000), installation chronopolyphonique
> Musique chronopolyphonique (2000).
> Coma (1991-1996), text and voice Pierre Guyotat, with the sound of a computer
hard drive as human breath
> Sens Unique(s) (1994-1995), with parts recycling digital errors.

Acreq. Association pour la recherche et la création électroacoustiques du Québec. Organizes the Elektra festival.
- Elektra 2017

Acroe. Association pour la création et la recherche sur les outils d'expression.

< A survey of current formal and material possibilities in the context of the information age
. Actar 2004.

Acton Arlo. See Terry Riley.

The Australian Centre of Virtual Art was created in 2007 to promote several digital artists. The first show, Babelswarm,

ACVA. Australian center of virtual arts. No longer operational, it seems, in 2017.
< Manifesto of virtual arts.

Adaa. Asia Digital Art Award. Beautiful pieces. But not all of them seem properly digital.
- 2017 Grand Prix to Macoto Murayama.

Adada. Asia Digital Art Association. In 2012, the president is Shigekazu Sakai (Waseda University).
- Among its members, at least one artist, Kawaguchi, well known at Siggraph.
- Adada 2011 Conference, held in Japan.

Adam Fred. A member of Gigacircus.

Adams Matt. A member of Blast Theory.

Adams Randy.
< Transdisciplinary digital art. Sound, vision and the new screen .
by Adams Randy, Gibson Steve et Müller Arisona Stefan (eds.). Conference, Zurich and Victoria (Canada) 2006-2007.

Adamson Andrew.
> Shrek (2001) adaptation by Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson of a fairy tale by William Steig. Produced by DreamWorks SKG in 2001.  

äda'web. A collective website launched in 1994. Has shown, for instance, the work Please Change Beliefs, by Jenny Holzer.

Addictive TV. Author, audio, video and performance as DVJ (Disc and video jockey). Website.
> Orchestra of Samples (2014).
> Dans l'oeil du pilote (In the pilots eye)

ADDNB. Association pour le développement des documents numériques en bibliothèques. (Association for the development of digital - Created in 1995 to manage property rights on CD-Roms, it launches in 2003/2004 an exchange center for media library professionals. Groups 170 libraries..

Erik Adigard: AirXY: From Immaterial To Rematerial. This installation combines real time animation, sensors, fog, lights and sound. A large projection on ground calls the visitors into the massive space of Arsenal rope factory. The screen is a clock, and visitors presence is detected, while the ground projection unveils pogressively an ethereal and fugacious architecture.

Adigard Erik. Wikipedia.
> Timelocator (2001), with Dave Thau. [Greene] p. 142.
- More in French.

Adobe. One of the main provider of graphic software, with products like Photoshop , After Effects, Illustrator, Premiere.
- Adobe will open its museum (virtual): Adobe museum of virtual media. On April 2017, this project seems to have been closed.
< De la chambre noire au numérique: la photo en noir et blanc avec Photoshop. L'art de la transition. by Eddie Ephraums. La Compagnie du livre 2005.
> Lightroom , a version of Photoshop.
> Flash (1990 c.).
> Illustrator (1990 c.).
> Director. (2000 ?) Quoted by [Berger-Lioret] p. 170.
> After Effects. (2000) A basic graphic tool.
> Dreamweaver. A web design tool. Quoted by [Berger-Lioret] p. 187.
> Pixel Bender Toolkit. (2000 ?) Specific tool to work with filters.
> Photoshop (1990 c.) . There are a lot of books about this product. In 2012, CS6 version is operational. Elements is the low end version.
< Photoshop scalability, keeping it simple. by Clem Cole and Williams Russell. Research paper, Communications of the ACM, Oct. 2010. Analyses the history of the product, in relation to parallelism.
< De la chambre noire au numérique: la photo en noir et clanc avec Photoshop, l'art de la transition, by Eddie Ephraums. La Compagnie du livre 2005.
- Concurrents: Corel Painter, Gimp (open source).

> After Effects (1990 c.). Special effects, motion design.

Theodor Adorno. A reference in aesthetics,. OPen on digital art?

Adorno Theodor W. A theorist. Rather negative, and he would probably not have appreciated digital art. But he remains an important reference.
< Adorno. Langage et réification. by Gilles Moutot. PUF 2004;
< L'art et les arts, by Theodor Adorno. Desclée de Brouwer 2002.
< Aesthetic theory. by Theodor Adorno. Continuum ¨2002.
< Autour de la théorie esthétique. Paralipomena. Introduction première. by Theodor Adorno. Klincksiek 1976.
- "Le simple fait de conserver la tonalité à l'ère moderne de l'après-guerre, said Adorno, trahissait des tendances fascisantes". [

Adrian Marc. Media Art Net. One of the artists who, in 1970, chose to go to computers, according to Darko

Adrian Robert
> The World in 24 hours (1982). Quoted by [Lieser] with pictures

Cie AdrienM. See amcb. Quoted by [Berger-Lioret], p 98. Digital art publishing, with an insistence on material products.

Aeppli Eva. Repetitive sculpture 1990's. Has worked with Tinguely.
- Quoted by [AS] p. 83.

Aernoudt Jacobs. Sound research. "His work is both phenomenological and empirical. It originates from acoustic and technological research and investigates how sounds still can yield sonic processes which will trigger the perceptive scope of the observer. His work focuses on a central question: how can the complexity, richness and stratification of our direct, daily environment be translated into something that can really be ...

> Phantom melodies (2006). Shown at Imal on spring 2013.
> Photophon (2013). Work in progress shown at Imal on spring 2013. Amazonian rain forest.

Afca. Association française du cinéma d'animation.
- In December 2010, festival in Bruz (near Rennes, France).

Afifi Saïd. Interaction. A page with images in [Dermineur].
> Metamorphosis of the linguist (2012). Interactive.

Afig. Association française d'informatique graphique
- Afig 2010 days.
- CTMG days and work group "rendering and visualization" SH No 06 (manifestations).
- 16h AFig 12, AH No 128.
- Afig 2001 Conference AH No 53.
- Interview of Patrick Callet, president, Asti-Hebdo no 3.

Afmicado. Association française dealing with design by computer. Seems no longer operational in 2017.

Afoutou Edgar Ekoué. His blog. One page in s in [Dermineur].Developer and curator > Digibap (2012)
> La danse des lettres (2011).

Africa. See our "geographical guide".

AFRV Association française de réalité virtuelle (French Association for Virtual Reality). Very active

After effects. See Adobe. Quoted by [Berger-Lioret] p. 167?

AGA (unknown on the Web)
> The Virgin according to Max Ernst (2015C) Digital compositing

fontaine agam
Yaacov Agam: Fountain in Tel-Aviv

Agam Yaacov. Wikipedia
- Present at Denise René's in spring 2013. Our note.
< Agam. A special issue (#86) of the magazine XXe siècle, LVI-80. Chief editor Alain Jouffroy. This large book (169 pages, 24x32 cm) shows the variety in Agam's oeuvre.
- Kinetic sculpture mainly, 1960's and following years. Quoted by [Couchot 2003].
- Frequently quoted by [Popper 1] and six pages in [Popper 2], which shows the works:
> Touch Me (1992) and following years.
> Fire Water Sculpture (1986).
> Fiat Lux (1967) [Moulon] p. 10.
> A fountain, music driven, on La Défense Esplanade (Paris).

Age de glace (L'). Episodes 1 et 2 are in the top 10 of animation films shown on TV (TF1).
- Quoted by [Berger-Lioret] p. 79French.

Agon Carlos. Ircam. Coordinator of Atiam (Acoustique, Traitement du signal et Informatique Appliqués à la Musique), education, Master 2 level.

d'Agostino Peter Complementary text . Webpage.
- Automata and body interaction, since the 1980's.
- In [Popper 2007] p. 248-251.
> RV/VR (1992) and 1993. "A recreational vehicle in Virtual Reality".
> Double You - and X,Y,Z   (1981) until 1985. An interactive videodisc, with an interactive mode: through an initial set of choices, the videodisc

Agoston Max K.
Computer graphics and geometric modeling. Mathematics . Springer 2005. 958 pages.

Peter d'Agostino. One of his installations.

Aho Alfred A reference author or co-author in computer fundamentals.
< The design and analysis of computer algorithms by Alfred Aho , John Hopcroft John and Jeffrey Ullman. Addison-Wesley, 1976.
< Compilers. Principles, techniques and tools. by Alfred Aho, Monical Lam, Ravi Sethi and Jeffrey Ulman. Pearson/Addison-Wesley 2007.
< Foundations of computer science, Freeman & Cy, 1992.

Aibo. See Sony.

Aifacs. All India Fine Arts & Crafts Society. No longer active in 2017.
- Organizes the All India Digital Arts Exhibition (second edition, Feb. 2012).

Aiga Atelier informatique et graphique d'architecture.

Aikon. A generative tool created by Patrick Tresset and Frederic Fol-Leymarie.
- Quoted by [Berger-Lioret] p. 178.

AL. Tool for procedural animation. Does not seem operational in 2017.

Alexiu Bruno. Film music composer. Cited by Cited by [Lehmann].
> Total virtual orchestra (2010C). Presentation video.

AII. Atelier (Atelier d'Image et d'Informatique) of the École Nationale Supé

Ait Kaci Yacine A founder of Electronic Shadow. Transmedia.
> Elyx. Digital Street Art (2011-2014). Art with cell phones.
- Exposition in Musée Granet, Aix-en-Provence, 2011.

Akaiwa Yae. A member of the Exonemo collective group.

Akamatsu Masayuki. Interaction.
> Time Machine (2002) [Murray] comments rapidly on this work and qualifies it as "a self-generative sexual unit" (for which reasons?). Akenaton. A group formed in 1984 by Philippe Castellin and Jean Torregrosa (plastic artist) . Performance. Wiki - The group performs in

Akin J.E.
< Finite element analysis, with error estimators. Elsevier 2005.Not artistic, but highly digital.

Akleman: Hung work. an illustration from his communication (PDF) at Siggraph 2009

Akleman Ergun.
- Humor drawings, and computer graphics research, using meshes. 2000's.
- List of publications.
> Hung work (2006). 3D print. This work is often shown.

>73,440 Minutes Of Fame Available Now On eBay (1999). Group of artists from Cal Art. Study about political negotiations.

Akten Mehmet (pseudonym: Memo). A visual artist, interaction, deep learning.
> Learning to see (2017). A series of works made with deep learning tools. The presented pieces look like paintings, and give little way to understand the complex processes which generates them.
> Waves #1. (2014). Photo prints.
> Equilibrium (2014)
> Reductible complexity (2012) Generative art.
- At Cube Festival 2010 (but the URL does not answers).
- Note by Galanter.
> Body Paint. (2009) See Body Paint. Here, the spectator's body becomes a living brush with which he can interact.
> Pi @ Glastonbury (2008).

ALA Architects
> Performing Arts Center (2012) in Kilden (Norway). Quoted by Terracol with a picturen as an example of conoid shape.

Alac Morana.
< Handling digital brains. A Laboratory Study of Multimodal Semiotic Interaction in the Age of Computers. par Morana Alac. MIT Press 2011.

Aladdin. In the Top10 of TV broadcasted animation films (2010 c.).

Alamo. Association pour la Littérature Assistée par la Mathématique et l'Ordinateur. Presented by

Jean-Pierre Alarcen: Tableau 2

Alarcen Jean-Pierre. Guitar player and music composer Wikipedia . MP3 downloads and v > Tableau no 1 (1980 c.)

Wikipedia, [Berger-Lioret] p. 61.
> La machine à rêves de Leonardo da Vinci (2012). A application on iPad, produced and published by Universcience, by Nicolas Clauss (images) and Jean-Jacques Birgé (sound). "A box of secrets, controlled by the user, lets out fragments of dreams that an oniric software transforms into a graphical and musical work. Free on the AppStore® en novembre 2012. Has been downloaded some 15 000 - In 2011, takes part in the collective work Capture.
> Ensemble (2006) Album composed on FatCat with several guests as Chan Marshall (Cat Power) or Lou Barlo > Sketch Proposals
(2000). Album published on Rephlex. Then cooperation with Björk.
> Vespertine (2000 c.). Collaboration with Björk.
> Medùlla (2000 c.) Collaboration with Björk.

Albers Joseph Wikipedia.
Painter, a professor at Bauhaus, a starter of op-art. 1930-1960 years. In particular Hommage au carré.
- [Popper1 ] quotes the Albers book Interaction de la couleur (Original 1963). A French translation by Claude Gilbert: L'interaction des couleurs
- More in French.

Alberti. The official father of perspective. See perspective and the works of Garrelt - Quoted by [Berger-Lioret] p. 20.

Alchemy. Collaborative site of drawing. Image generators, genetic algorithms. Free download.
- Noted by [Berger-Lioret] p. 170, 187.

Alemany Frédéric
> Opposite (2016C) by Frédéric Alemany has presented Opposite, a choreography with digital effects. See the PDF conference

Alexanco Jose. A page in Compart: "Founding member of Generación Automática de Formas Plásticas, that was held in the Centro de Calculos de la Universidad de Madrid, Alexanco was one of the few artists from this seminar, that actually learnt to program by himself (Fortran > Untitled sculpture (before 1977). Computer print. A picture in the Recode project.
< Ordenadores en el Arte compiled by E. García Camarero (date unknown).

Alexander Amy. Webpage, Wikipedia. Mainly a peformer, net oriented.
> Discotrope (2011). Webpage. "At Discotrope parties, we’ll project moving images of dancers – both party attendees and recorded clips – onto the Discotrope ball. The video dancers power the ball, literally and figuratively: the ball uses solar cells as disco ball mirrors.

So the projected dance videos not only reflect off the ball, they also “solar”-power the motor that makes it rotate – which creates zoetrope-like projections on the surrounding walls, floors, surfaces, and people. We’ll perform the ball live, adding color and light effects to the video projections that vary the amount of light to the solar cells. That changes the speed of the ball’s motor, which allows us to somewhat “choreograph” the movement of the projected visuals as they move around the...

> Sven (2007). Surveillance Video Entertainment Network . Description by the author in [Adams] pp. 467-475. "Sven is a piece of tactical software art. Tactical software art comes out of traditions of tactical media and software art. It's a logical mix: tactical media is a response to the way mainstream media influences culture, software art is a response to the way mainstream software influences culture".
> bOtimatiOn (2001). [Greene] p. 135.

Alexander Thor.
< Massively multiplayer game development 2. edited by Thor Alexander. Charles River Media, Mass 2005.

Alexeieff Alexandre. Wikipedia
< Ecrits et entretiens sur l'art et l'animation. Presses universitaires de Vincennes. 2016
- De la peinture instrumentale (1967). Extended bibliography about him in Willoughby p. 289.

Alexiu Bruno. Music.
> Total Virtual Orchestra (2016) Totally virtual, for classic music

Algolit. Algolit is a project of Constant, a workgroup around i-literature, free code and texts. The group was initiated in 2012. The Oulipo is an important inspiring source.
- In preparation for 2018, a book of verse, of which the main character will be an automatic learning algorithm (using Markov chains, it seems).
- Rencontres algolittéraires, 2017. On line, the catalog of exposed works.
> Frankenstein revisited (2016). Webpage. by Piero Bisello (art historian & writer), Sarah Garcin (graphic designer and programmer), James Bryan Graves (computer scientist), Anne Laforet (artist & critic), Catherine Lenoble (writer) and An Mertens (artist & writer).

Algora Montxo
< Souls & Machines. Digital Art & new media. Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia. Spain 2008.

Les Algoristes. A French non-profit structure, in agreement with the American group Berger-Lioret] pp. 38, 144.
- A note about Les algoristes (in French).

alire. The most ancient review of digital poetry. Created in 1989. Edited by Philippe Bootz,

Alksnis Arvids. Web art
> Form Art to URLArt (1997). Contribution to Form Art website of Alexei Shulgin. [Greene] p.83.

Allante Claire. Generative art.
< Organic forms (2012). Demo on Vimeo.

Allahyari Mordeshin

> Exposition at Dimoda 2023

Alary OlivierStephane Allary: Selfie for glass (2014).

Allary Stephane. Multimedia.
> Panopticon Live (2016). Webpage
> Like (2013)

Allen Jamie. Artist/scientist. Assistant Director, Culture Lab / Head of Research,
More about his projects. Announcement by La Cantine: « Jamie will talk about the technology based public projects he does, including recent work with the BBC Big Screens digital screens system. His research centres on the way that technologies can reveal fundamental, inspiring, and sometimes funny things about ourselves, and the physical, material.

Allen : Inside

Allen  Rebecca. Interactive biological video. The website is worth the click. She seems retired today, and acts as a critic. > Inside (2016). Installation and virtual reality. webpage.
> Emergence the bush soul #3 (1999) [Paul] pp. 144-145.
> Bush Soul (1999) [Popper 2007] 197-201. "Allen is not interested in technology for its own sake. Rather, she is interested in technoculture that humanizes technology even while maintaining a critical stance toward it" writes Popper pp. 197-201, with two pictures of this work. > Her first computer animation (1974), says Popper
- Music video for Powers, will (by Lynn Goldsmith), cited by [Dreher].

Allende Dan. A member of Future Farmers.
- "Allende’s multifaceted and social-engaging work includes installations, videos, performances, and sculptural objects, often created in collaboration".

Alliban James
> Fracture (2010). A cubist application on Iphone. Webpage

Allner Walter Heinz. Painting, page setting. Compart page. In 1965, begins computer art

Allouche Mija. Acrylics, etchings.

Almiron Miguel. Video and bio-art.
< La place du corps dans l'art technologique. Thèse, directeur Hervé Huitric. 2004
- Presentation on Dailymotion< (in French).
> Yo-Medical (1995). Object.

Alpha-ville. (Does not seem operational in 2017) "An international platform that bridges Art, Technology, Music and Culture through live events and online projects. Alpha-ville is a home for innovators, artists, technologists, designers, students, researchers, professionals and anyone interested in exploring the future of our culture".

Alsace. See our "geographical guide".

A.lter S.Essio

A.lter S.Essio
> Loss-Layers (2016C) Dance with videos. (at Mapping festival 2016)

Altiner Alp. Matte painting.

Alvarez Julian. Scientist. A game specialist. Among his publications
< Imaginaire et environnement virtuel. by Jean-Pierre Jessel et Julian Alvarez. In Dans l'atelier de l'art. Expériences cognitives. Mario Borillo (Ed.), Champ Vallon 2010.


Alvarez Luis . Mathematician, works on images and graphics.
>Try me. with Jean-Michel Morel. Image generator. 2019.
< Interactive design of aesthetic abstract textures by composition principles and the laws of chance, by Luis Alvarez, Nelson Monzon and Jean-Michel Morel. Leonardo 2018.


Alviani Getulio. Kinetic art and lights. Wikipedia

amcb: a view on the spectacle "Un point c'est tout"

AMCB. New name, chosen in 2011, of Cie AdrienM (Adrien Mondot et Claire Bardainne).
(Links no longer operationl on may 2019).
< Adrien M. et Claire B. : la neige n'a pas de sens. Interview par Clarisse Bardiot. L'oeil d'Or, 2016.
> Pixel (2014).
> Hakanaï. (2013) "Hakanaï is a solo choreaographic performance that unfolds through a series of images in motion. In Japanese Hakanaï denotes that which is temporary and fragile, evanescent and transient, and in this case something set between dreams and reality. While widely associated with nature, the term is now often used to elicit an intangible aspect of the human condition and its precariousness. It encompasses two elements: that concerning the human being as well as that related to dreams. This symbolic relationship is the foundation of the dance composition in which a dancer gives life to a space somewhere between the borders of imagination and reality, through her interactions with the images she encounters. The images are on-stage animations that move in physical patterns according to the rhythm of the live sounds that they follow. The performance's outcome is the revelation of a digital installation to its audience.
- Quoted by [Berger-Lioret] p. 98.
> Les paysages abstraits (2011). Interactive experiences. PDF document. . Quoted with picture in {Worms,2012].

America. See our geographical guide.

Amerika Mark. Website. See Filmtext.

> Alt-X Online Network. "a large database".Commented by [tHayles, 2012]
< Meta/data, a digital Poetics.  MIT Press, 2007.
Long pages in [Popper 2] (pages 340-346), with pictures of Abe Golam 1997.
> Filmtext (2002).
> Grammatron (1997) . The first fiction on Internet, according to Bootz Quoted by [Greene] p. 105.

Mark Amerika.

Ameyed Darine. A member of the Algoristes.

Amkraut Susan.
> Ménagerie (1993) with Michael Girard. Stereoscopic binoculars to enter a virtual world populated with animals.

Ammer Ralph.
> Being not truthful (2006) with Stefan Sagmeister. Painting from photographs. 4 pages with pictures in [Bohnacker].

Amorphic Robot
> The Ancestral Path through the Amorphic Landscape (2000). Picture in [Dixon 2007].

Amoudruz Pierre. Artistic leader and coordinator of AADN.
> La haut le cloud, ici le soleil (2017). See our post .
> Dématérialisé (2014, work in progress). Audiovisual performance.

AMStudio. A website for people in audiovisual, cinema, multimedia, print and the web (according to their commercials

Anarchive. Digital archives about contemporary art. DBD collection, etc.

Ancel Frank
- Lecture about Milton Cohen and Empac.
- Access to applications: Deserto Rosso ,

Anceschi Giovanni. Wikipedia (in Italian). A member of Gruppo T.

Ancxt Anaïs. (Anaïs met den Ancxt). See Scenocosme.

Andaur Sebastian. Painting. Combines graphics and 3D. Quoted by [Book], Winter 2011-2012.

Anderson Darrell.
> Groboto. Software for 3D creation. Website.

Jim Andrews, ABC Architecture

Anderson Laurie. Web page. [Dixon 2007] writes "Anderson is justifiably considered the doyenne of digital performance, one of its most senior and prominent exponents, with a worldwide reputation for technology invention and early adoption of digital techniques in music, narration, elaborate multimedia theater events and visual and electronic art works".
> Puppet Model (1995, 1998),CD-Rom, with Hsin-Chien Huang and Force Entertainment. Cited by [Dixon 2007].
> United States Part 1 and 2 (1983). Picture and comments in [Goldberg 2011].
> O Superman (1981)
- Installations and sound performance (1980"s)s. Quoted by Bernard Demiaux, in Le programme et la main.

Anderson Perry
< Les origines de la postmodernité. Paris Les Prairies ordinaires A large place is given Jameson.

Anderson Victor Prints, in the 2000's website (no longer operational in 2017)
> Time (2002) Wands p. 42-43.

Andersson Hans. Developer, specialist of Lego Mindstorm (robotics).
> Time Twister 2 (2012).
> Tilted Twister (2008)

André Carl. A minimalist plastic artist. Wikipedia.

André Jacques. A French specialist about digital fonts.

Andreatta Moreno. Ircam.
< Calcul algébrique et calcul catégoriel en musique, aspects théoriques et informatiques in [Pottier].

Andrews Jim. Audio and video, around 2000. NIO software. Self-described as "writer/poet, programmer, visual/audio artist, and essayist on art, technology, and media". - Website.
> ABCArchitecture (2000 c.) "Teach the children that the ABC's are theirs to write in the spirit of invention and generation."
> Seattle Drift (1997). Quoted by [Lopes].
> NIO. Poetic generator software.
> dbCinema. Film generating software.
- Quoted by [Berger-Lioret] pp. 162, 181. More in French.

Andreyev Julie. The chief author of
> Four Wheel Drift (2000 c.) Urban space exploration with specially equipped cars.
- Quoted by [Berger-Lioret] p. 111.

Anemic Cinema. See Duchamp.

Anglade Jean-Claude.
> Image la Vallée (1987) [Forest 2] Uses the minitel + projections on a water tower in Noisiel.

Anker Suzanne. Website.
Genetic images and theoretical work. Since 1990.
- Studied by [Popper2] p. 126-127, in [Reichle 2009]

Aniflo. Software by Michel Bret. Website and dpwnload

Mauro Annunziato. Chaos Revenge.

Animusic. Wikipedia: a company specializing in the 3D visualization of Midi-based music

Annunziato Mauro.
An algorist. Generative art, chaos, interactions. Around 2000.
>Chaos Revenge (1999) Exposed in Siggraph.
-Quoted by [Lioret] p. 22 et 82-83, [Berger-Lioret] p. 65?

Anonima Group: Abstract research, foretelling algorithmic art.

Anonima Group. 1960's. Wikipedia : "Propelled by their rejection of the cult of the ego and automatic style of the Abstract Expressionists, the artists worked collaboratively on grid-based, spatially fluctuating drawings and paintings that were precise investigations of the scientific phenomena and psychology of optical perception". - Quoted by Darko Fritz in [Lartigaud].


Ansermet Ernest. Tonal music defender. Wikipedia.
- Long quotation in Paul Collaer (1965).

Antanaskovic Nemanja. Video
> Proof by Contradiction (2017) "bridges the gap between art and technology through the disruption of time.
" What happens when technology doesn’t work? This art intends to provoke our thoughts and allows us to consider what would happen if we were unable to epend on tech as heavily as we currently do. Nem says: "This interactive piece is set to stop people in their tracks and allow them to take a moment out of their tight schedules to consider life without time.”

Anticyp Simulation.

Antirom. A group looking for a high level interaction. 4 pages with photos in [Cameron].
> Antirom. (1994). CD Rom. Their first work.

Antoine-Loeff Barthélémy. Film director. See Iduun.
- Monumental mapping (2017)
> Ljos (2014). Immersive installation. Comments by Digitalarti.

Antonellis Anthony. "A visual artist who is based on the internet in New York".
> Internet of my dreams (2014). A show, using a headset.
> Insolite (2013c.) A RFID chip under his skin to send Gifs from his iPhone.

Antunez Marcel Li Roca. Voir Roca

Antunes Rui Filipe. Research and video art. See his page at University of Geneva
- A portfolio of the work WAS available at: Portfolio
< Two Decades of Evolutionary Art using Computational Ecosystems and its potential for Virtual Worlds
Rui F. Antunes, Frederic Fol Leymarie and William Latham Goldsmiths, University of London, U
> Where is Lourenço Marques? (c. 2010).

AntiVJ. Visual art label, initiated by a group of European artists.

Anyflo. A generative software developed by Michel Bret. Quoted by [Berger-Lioret], p 177.

APC. Association des producteurs de cinéma (Cinema producers associations). Created in 2007 . President: Anne-Dominique Toussaint.

Apelles. Wikipedia. Alexander's battle mosaic gives way to reflections about the combination of discrete parts (tiles) with < Appelles. The Alexander Mosaic. by Paolo Moreno. Skira, New York, 2001

Aperghis Georges. Music composer.
> Luna Park (2011).

Apertet Jean-Jacques. Painter-decorator
> Forêt-Oxyde (2010).
> First digital work (2007). Shown in Hivernales 2012.

Apik (Apikian David). Generative art.
> Shadows (1995 sq.) series.

Apikian David. See Saatchi pageFuzzy/sharp blue movements. With music.
- Exposes in 2019 at Anime.

Apo33. Founded 1977 by Julien Ottavi. Experimental art. Nantes.
- Works notably on live-coding.

Apollonio Marina. Wikipedia. Since 1970. Painting, geometry.

Apophysis. A fractal tool by Scott Draves. Quoted by [Berger-Lioret] p. 174.

Apostol Alexander. Prints, visual architecture. Artsy page
> Residente Pulido  Royal Copenhague and  Rosenthal (2001). Presentation in [Paul].

Appadoo Owen K. Graphist, animation.
> As Deas as a Dodo (2002). Short animation film. (Rather naive).

L'appartement 22. A center for arts, in Rabat (Morocco). One page with pictures in [Dermineur].

Appere Patrick. Street Art. Facebook page.
> Magic Flowers by Patrick Appere and Claire Sistach

Appia Adolphe. Precursor of the Modern Light Art[Popper 1] p. 125 sq.
Light shows around 1880. Text (with illustrations).

> iPhone (2000 c.) See smartphone.
> iPad (2000 c.).

Aprem. Ateliers, Partages, Rencontres des Ecritures en Mutation . An experimental group around stage arts.

Aquitaine and Nouvelle Aquitaine. See our geographical guide.

Arakawa Ei. Performance, including LED's in a wall tapestry.
> Harsh Citation, Harsh Pastoral, Harsh Münster (2017)

Arambilet (Angel Luis Arambilet Alvarez), Wikipedia: author, actor, painter, graphc artist, filmmaker, system engineer. > Artes y Letras (1978) is considered in the Latino-America world the first short story written by computer.
> Arte y Cibernetica (1978) first graphical poem (combines text and graphics).

Arcaan. Group
> EAN (2017C) See the web page

Cory Arcangel. An image of "selfplayingsmall", from an interview by Red Halter for Rhizome.

Arcangel Cory. Games, automata. Wikipedia.
> Timeless Standards (2010) Inkjet on Comtex.
> Sorry I Haven't Posted (since 2010). Webpage.
- Solo show at the Whitney museum.
> I shot Andy Warhol (2002) A large picture in [Lieser].
> Super Mario Clouds (2002) A large picture in [Lieser].
> Data Diaries (2002) . [Greene]. Ludic and derisive.
> Landscape study (2002) presented by [Paul] p. 199-200. Hack of the Super-Mario game.
- Quoted by [Berger-Lioret] p. 103. Defacing games.

Arcas Francisco Moreno
> Melomics (2013). A generative music composer, by Carlos Sánchez Quintana, Francisco Moreno Arcas, David Albarracín Molina, Jose David Fernández Rodríguez, Fra

Lucas Archambault. A member of Scale collective.

Archaos, Within Creac in Marseille. Pole national méditerranéen des arts du cirque.
< Archaos et le piège des images, par Katérina Flora. A chapter of 11 pages in [Picon-Vallin] pp.246-256. Mainly about Game

Archée. An architecture studio. Edits a news bulletin about digital art.

Archiguide. "The webguide of contemporary architecture".

Archive. A rock music group.
- On fall 2011, with a symphonic orchestra and "full digital", concert in Paris within Rock en Seine. Arcier Hugo. 3D images under different forms: video, prints, sculpture.

> Cruel Summer (2012). A disk cover.

Arcis Thibault. Animation.
> Accident de bus à Lyon (2009). The film simulates a bus accident in Lyon (France). Directed by Romain Bourzeix and Thibault Arcis, with music

Arduino: an easy and cheap entry point into physical computing.

Arduino. Control cards for sensors and effectors on PC. Compatible with Processing language.
- Devices using Arduino cards are frequently presented in the Elektor magazine (2012 issues at least).
- Video of an interview of a developer happy to put his hands on. See Te - Quoted by [Berger-Lioret] p. 158.

Arevent. The society has developed an automated process for generation or robot trajectories from captured motions of - A three pages article, signed Frédéric Boisdron in Planète Robots, July-August 2010.

Arezzo Guido d'. Wikipedia. Invented the musical score with bars. In 1026, he thinks out an algorithmic composition, associating a pitch to each vowel. Quoted by [Edwards]. 10 pages in [Lehmann].

Argence Jacqueline
< La synthèse d'images. par Bernard Péroche, Jacqueline Argence, Djamchid Ghazanfarpour et Dominique Michelucci. Hermès 1988.

Argenia. Generative language by Celestino Soddu.
- Quoted by [Berger-Lioret] p. 176.

Arias Fredy. Video, VJ. Since 1990.

Burak Arian: technique and social concerns.

Arikan Burak. Graphic visualization of data. He studied in MIT with John Maeda. At first sight, some of his works like Burö look rather like Zajega generative software works. But here, the sometimes purely abstract feel may hide semantic reference to social issues.
> Penal Systems Network, 2014
> Network Map of Artists and Political Inclinations (2012)
> Burö (2007-2012). Both interactive installation and prints.

Aristoteles. Neither an artist nor a computer scientist. But his systematic and formal view of philosophy played an important role in the development of rational

Armanetti Gilles. Poetry. Quoted by Bootz.

Armas Marcela
> Milpa Polímera bycMarcela Armas and Arcángel Constantini. See our post about Siggraph 2017.
> Sideral
(2016) Moving sculpture, evoking robotics, man and nature ...

Arns Inke.
< Read_Me, Run_Me, Execute_Me: Malaise dans le logiciel ou "C'est la performativité du code, idiot !". 14 pages in [Lartigaud].

Arnum Created by Claire Leroux in 2007, the laboratory is

Arp Jean Painter and sculptor, sometimes animation. Near Bonn. 1930's.
- Museum.
- Quoted by [Lioret] p. 120.

Ars Electronic Futurelab . A spinoff from Ars Electronica. Project with Golan Levin and Zach Liberman.
> The hidden world of Voice and Noise (1990 c.).

Ars Electronica. Probably the most ancient meeting dedicated to digital art.
(Siggraph, is more ancient, but more general, about computer graphics).
- A selection of references in diccan or other sources.
(Among others:))
< Ars Electronica 2016. Radical Atoms and the alchemist of our times, by Hatje Kantz. 2 volumes. Ars Electronica
< Ars Electronica 2014, by Hannes Leopoldseder, Christine Schöpf and Gerfried Stocker
< Ars Electronica 2012, by Hannes Leopoldseder, Christine Schöpf and Gerfried Stocker
< Ars Electronica 2011, by Hatje Kantz. Ars Electronica 2011
< Ars Electronica 2010, by Hatje Kantz. Ars Electronica 2010
< Human Nature: Arts Electronica. by Christine Schopf an Gerfried Stocker. Ars Electronica 2009.
< CyberArts 2008. by Hatje Cantz. Ars Electronica 2008.
< CyberArts 2004. by Hatje Cantz. Ars Electronica 2004.
< CyberArts 2003. International compendium, Prix Ars Electronica. by Hatje Cantz. Springer 2003
< CyberArts 2001. International compendium, Prix Ars Electronica, by Hannes Leopoldseder and Christine Schöpf. Springer, Wien. 2001

Arse Electonica. An annual festival about sex and technology, organized by Johannes Grenzfurthner. a href = "">Wikipedia.

Ars mathematica. A group of artists, led by Christian Lavigne and Patrick Saint-Jean. The website expresses the diversity of their activities, notably Intersculpt.

Ars Technica.
> Sunspring (2016). A short film, with Thomas Middledith. The scenario has been written by an AI (says Manuela de Barros, Le Monde, 0ct. 20, 2018).

Art 2 M. Art to Machine. company founded by Anne-Cécile Worms.

Art-Act. Artistic group formed by Gaspard and Sandra Bébé-Valérian. Installations.
> The Uncanny Valley (2016)
> La ferme à Spiruline (2012). Designed as video-game as well as a media installation, it creates a virtual farm.

Art Basel. An art show. Probably the most importan of all.
- Spring wind and good surprises in Basel (2013). Mainly: Manfred Mohr, Tinguely.

ArtCode Attack. Held in 2012 only. A festival in West of France."Quand l'Art Envahit les rues de trois villes de l' Ouest sous forme de QR-Codes… Du 23 Mars au 23

Artcyclopedia. A lot of data about art. Not specially digital.

Arts & Bytes. A new media production company. Fred Pitrat, producer.

ART + COM. President and acting as artistic director, Joachim Sauter. 3 pages with picture in [Klanten]. The website is no longer operational in 2017.
- [Paul] presents the works:
- Company sculpture (2008 c.) . Sort of a council board as an interactive table. About this work and some others, 6 pages with pictures e in [Klanten]. Images in [Lieser].
> Duality (2007) A large picture in [Lieser].
> Ride the Byte (1998). Data presentation.
> TerraVision (1994) . Several data layers. pages with pictures in [Grau 2003].

Artdam. Education and services in sound, light, recording, security, computers ans multimedia (Burgundy region, France).

Arte generativo. Movement launched in 1959 by Eduardo Macentyre and Miguel Angel Vidal. Alain Lioret quotes their manifesto (1960): an art able to produce a "generatrix", that is a point, line or surface whose movement generates a line, a surface or a solid.

Artinoy. See Somphout Chanhthaboutdy

Artpress. See Art Press below.

Arte Programmata. A show in Milano, 1959-1968, supported by Olivetti.
- Quoted by Darko Fritz in [Lartigaud].
< From Program to Behavior: the Experience or Arte Programmata in Italy, 1958-1968 by Emanuele Quinz, 22 pages in [Bianchini-Verhagen].
exhibition curated by Bruno Munari and Giorgio Suavi at the Olivetti Showroom in Milan. Works by Gruppo T and Gruppo N

Articité A world directory of artists (not particularly digital).

- Workshops about technology, science, philosophy and aesthetics relationships. The first one must have happened in the beginning of the 1980's. The 10h one took place in Paris (BNF and INHA). Concept et organization: Mario Costa et Fred Forest. The proceedings have been published by L'Harmattan in 2011, with an help from Ina. They are on line on Agency mainly for theatre.

Art of failure. A duo of French artists, composed of Nicolas Maigret and Nicolas Montgermont. Their work feeds itself out of historical avant-gardes and of artistic and scientific experiments. Through their projects, they create slippings or reroutings that give light on issues and aesthetics tied to contemporary technologies. They do as well peformance, installations, on-line projects as publishing.

Maigret: The Pirate Cinema.

> The Pirate Cinema (2013 c.) Composition from a large number of images from the web. Shown at Show Off 2013.
> Internet Topography (2011). Quoted with illustration in ArtPress2, May-July 2013.

Art Orienté Objet. Group founded in1991 by Marion Laval-Jeantet and Benoit Mangin. site web.
- See [Berger-Lioret] p. 108, 112.
> Skin Cluture (1996). Generative but not properly digital ! [Moulon] p.111 with photo.

Art Paris.
- Digital Art at last! In 2013, is a moment of the digital spring.
- In 2012, still nothing digital, neither on the website, nor in the trailer. Better go to Laval Virtual

ArtPress. A bilingual monthly magazine. Not easy, but does not ignore digital art. A series of special issues, called In 2015, new issue presents an anthology of the prededent ones ans several new articles.
. LMQTP (Saint-Denis) and ArtPress 2: Head in the clouds or feet on the ground? (2013).
- A full issue about Cyborg May-June 2012.
- The issue dedicated to the Artmedia VIII (2002) symposium contains three introductive articles by the organizers (Mario Costa, Fred Forest and Annick Bureaud), as well as the spearkers bibliography and frequently an absract of their intervention.

Artprice Contemporary art market. Le marché de l’art contemporain.

> ArtRage (2000 c.) Software for painting.

Arthur et les Minimoys
> Arthur et les Minimoys (2000 c.) Saga directed by Luc Besson. 3D by Buf Studio.

Artsactive. A global and subsantial resource about art and science.

Arts et métiers ParisTech Ensam. Facilities in Laval and Chalon-sur-Saône.

Art Zoid. Electronic music and multimedia. Artistic works and electro-acoustic and multimeida classes. Ev > Three Invalid Dreams (2011-2012 and still visible in 2014), sound, video and digital scenographies.
> Particules noires (2010).
> Dangereuses visions (1998), a work by Gérard Hourbette, a project of Art Zoyd and the Lille National Ochestra. Mixes a philharmonic orchestra and new image and sound technologies. Shiro Takatani created images.

Arvers Isabelle. Video
Machinigirrlzzz. A selection of machinimas made by women only.

The thinking topics or Roy Ascott.

AS. Revue ArtStudio 9/1991. La sculpture en mouvement. A beautiful synthesis about kinetic art.

Asai Nobomichi  (Wow Studio) Vimeo.
> Kacho Fugetsu (2016) Video mapping onto a face.
> Connected Colors (2015) A digital composition inspired by Nature is mapped onto a face.

Ascidiacea. A group, founded in 2015. Explorations of new kinds of arts.
> The Skin Theory (2017C)

ASCII-ART-Ensemble. A group founded 1998 by Walter van der Cruijsen, Thomas Kaulmann and Luka Frelih. Software tools.
- In 1999, representations in ASCII of great cinema classics, like Psychose et Blow Up.

Ascott Roy. Wikipedia. Plymouth University page.
- "Professor of Technoethic Arts, School of Computing, Communications & Electronics" at Plymouth University.
< New Media Precursor: Roy Ascott, a paper in Digital Art Weekly, Oct.12, 2018.
- Computers, cybernetics, communication.
< Roy Ascott. Telematic Embrace. Visionary theories of Art, Technology and Consciousness. Edited and with an essay by Edward A. Shanken. A review in Utah Art Magazine, 2008?
< Reframing consciousness. Proceedings. Roy Ascott ed. Exeter.
- Quoted by [Popper] p. 47 65 139.  
> Aspects of Gaia: Digital Pathways across the Whole Earth (1989). [Popper 2] presents this work pp. 77-80.
> La plissure du texte (1983). A collaborative writing project. Site. Comments by Bootz . Cited with pictures by [Dreher] .
> Terminal Art (1980). cited by Wardrip-Fruin 2003]

Aselmeier Barbara
> Handshake (1993), by Joachim Blank, Karl Heinz Jeron, Barbara Aselmeier and Armin Haase. [Greene] p.39-40. Web, sociology, with user generated content.

Asendorf Kim. " a conceptual artist and works in a large area of media and digital related art."
> Pixxelpoint (2015)
> Init(Internet). (2014c.) About Internet.
> Automat (2008). A Processing sketch.

Ashley Robert. Musician.
> Perfect Lives 1983. John Sanborn and Dean Winkler visualized his composition.
> Sandstone .1979. Video with Ed. Emshwiller and Alvy Ray. Images in [Dreher].

Ashmore Laurence. Marketing specialist but also multimedia artist.

Asia. See our "geographical guide".

Aspord Elise. A member of the “Algoristes”. Historian, specialist in behavioral and evolving art.

Assayag Gérard. Leader of the team "Musical representation", Ircam. Interview by Asti Hebdo, AH No 28.
> Composition assistée par ordinateur (CAO). In Proceedings of Asti 2001 Conference.

Assilevi Kossigan Roland. Ci-Diguente page. Performance, mulitimedia coach. One page in [

Astérix. Animation The maddening house (Youtube)

A.Strid. Multimedia poetry, VJing.

Astrovandalistas. A group with motto: "Codigo PHP + Arduino". A kind of fablab.

Asymptote. Virtual environments.
> Fluxspace 3.0 (2002) [Paul] presents the work.

ATC The Art, Technology and Culture Colloquium. Annual conference at Berkeley University.
- Fall 2016 - Spring 2017 Theme: Digital Immersion. "The good news is that virtual reality is here. The bad news is that something is Mychilo Cline

Atelier Margraph. A communication firm.
>Sculptural hall, Mercedes-Benz-Galleries. (2010 c.). with Meso Digital Interiors. Illuminated walls, LED. Quoted with one picture in [Klanten].

Les Ateliers. ENSCI. Page web.

ATI. Arts et Technologies de l'Image, University Paris 8. Wikipedia. Page

Atiam. Acoustique, Traitement du signal et Informatique Appliqués à la Musique. Educational cursus created by several french Institutions active in music digital research, and supported by the Ministère de la Culture. Managed by Ircam and Telecom ParisTech.

Atsunobu Kohira Photographer, video.
> Four Constellations Harmony (2014) Video and photo prints.
> Sound Glass (2007).

Atsara. Art sonore et visuel (Sound and visual art). Members: Roland Devocelle and Audrey Rocher.

Attitude Studio. A French company, providing software for motion capture and 3D digitalization.
Lance Eve Laura Solal (Le Monde, 12/28/2000)

Auber: The Nibelungen Treasure... one of the first pictures of the concept. Other pictures can be found at: http://km

Auber Olivier. Engineer, artist and professor.
< Anoptikon (2019). See the PDF preview.
> The Nibelungen Treasure (2001-2012), with Mâa Berriet and Thierry Fournier. See an extensive description , and a video captation. One of the first (if not the first) works of Art developed for a cave system. It had been designed, as for its principles, in 1997. It was for the first time staged in 2000 (ISEA 2000, at the Paris Goethe Institute), then shown at Boston Cyberart festival in 2001, and was finally installed in the Worms (Germany) Nibelungen Museum. And, alas, destroyed.
- Note on the authors.
- Technically, the work uses the VR software AAAseed, provided by Emmanuel Maa Berriet. This work helped to finance its development and was a testbench. The sound software is Max MSP. The work broke technical new grounds since nearly everything here is procedurally computed. There are very few sampled images and sound, and so much so as the major part of what is seen or heard is created on the fly, following the visitors - Unfortunately, the work has been destroyed in 2012. See the tale by Auber, along with other images of the work.

< The poietic generator (1984). an interactive device, collective and synchronous, casted on Internet since 1995. From this year, Auber has developed a theory of - Comments in [Forest 2] and in [Couchot 2003, p. 234] "on the Web, works composed with multiple images which, while remaining the initiative of one only author, the upstream-author Auber, associate several participants in their creation" (our translation). In 2015, the project is still in development, and shown at Futur en Seine (see our post).

- Some comments by Elen Riot in the collective work managed by Marc Borillo: Dans l'atelier d'art, expériences cognitives. Champ Vallon 2010

A moment in the life of the Poietic Generator. To see him on play, click here

Audebert Julien
> Mars & Venus, opposition phases (2016)

Audoire Louis. Photographer. In 1980, takes part in Digital Art (Grand Palais de Paris), organized par Bernard Demiaux. He is then a member of GAIV (Groupe d'art informatique de Vincennes) group, and cooperates in a Minitel project at Module Cy. - In 1975, realizes a graphic processor, the Colorix.

Audry Sofian. Multimedia Installations
> Absences (2011). Takes part in Québec numérique, Paris 2012.
> Vessels (2009-2015). Aquatic installation.

Augaitis Dania.
< Art, sound and transmission, by Dania Augaitis and Dan Lander. Radio Rethink 1994

Australia. See our "notice".

Austria. See our "geographical guide".

Autodesk. An important provider of graphic software. And the chief supporter of Siggraph (from the industrial standpoint).
> Autodesk (2000 c.).
> 3DS Max (2000 c.) et son langage MaxScript.
> Maya (2000 c.) . "Heir of the best 3D tools, Maya pleases to artist wanting to create very high level animations" (Computer Arts HS - For cloud modelling, greens, gases, and on the web [Ebert].
- Video of a talk about string rendering.
> Softimage. 3D creation software. Now in the autodesk offer.

Autogena Lise. Artist who visualizes financial data. She forms the Autogena Projects with Joshua Portway.
> Foghorn Requiem (2013). Performance.
> Stock market planetarium (2005 c.) 4 pages of comments in Tactical Media, by Rita Raley.

Automatico Studio. See Demian Conrad.

Auvergne-Rhone Alpes. A French region. See our "geographical guide".

Auxietre Balthazar. Cinema, multimedia, installations.
> The 5th sleep (2014)
> Eidolon (2011). Interaction usind an immersive headset. "An immersive installation which offers to live an interactive cinema experience for a unique spectator".
> Eidolon (2010). Film using virtual reality.

Auzet Roland. Theater.
> Aucun homme n'est une île (2013). Text by Fabrice Melquiot, sound and stage setting Roland Auzet, electronics Olivier Pasquet, reality virtual design of the Spectacle for children. See page.

Avatar Film. Perhaps the best ever demonstration of 3D cinema. See Cameron.

Avdal Heine. Choreographer. A member of Deep Blue.

AV Exciters. A group of designers and architecs specialized in rapid prototyping and new tehnologies.

- Avid learning series, tutorials and books.
> Sibelius 6 First (2011). A software tool for amateur musicians who wish to transcribe their composition, taking profit of this reference publisher architecture. The
> Avid (2000 c.) Software for film and multimedia projects creation.
> Sibelius 6 (1993). Bought by Avid in 2006, created in 1993 by Ben and Jonathan Finn.
> Pro_Tools (1990). Sound management software. A DAW (Digital audio workstation) to record, edit and mix. .
- The version 9 has been delivered in 2010.

Avoka: Triangles irascibles.

Avida. Software for artificial life, with ideas from Tierra. By Charles Ofria, Chris Adami and C. Titus Brown.
- Quoted by [Berger-Lioret] p. 176.

Avoka. A production structure. Created in 2010 by a group of artistes, they produce and publish spectacles, performances and new media installations. They explore transdisciplinary projects, aiming to live expression and creation, including interaction between stage, screen and sound. They intend to raise the public awareness of digital creation. - An interview (in French) by (2014).
> Triangles irascibles (2013 c.).
> Bsynthome (2013c.).
> Diskograph (2012). Write on a cardboard disk and it will make music.
> Difluxe (2012). Particles on a table.
> Akuery (2010). Creation of an animation film.

Avoka: Bsynthome.

Ayats Charles Interactive Design
- Took part in Narration in VR. From cinema to VR, stage setting and look orientation (2017)

Ayo Damali.
< (2003) . Web work of art about electronic commerce. [Greene].

Avram Ana Maria. Composer. Sound cloud page.
> Temps Condensés for ensemble and computer sounds (1995 c.)

Ayrault Jean-Marc
< Vision Machine. by Jean-Marc Ayrault et al. Somogy 2000.

Azam Alice.
> Janus Contrast (2011) .
- More in French.

Azémard Ghislaine. Wikipedia
< 100 notions pour le transmédia et le crossmédia. Projet 100 notions, 2013.

Florent Aziosmanoff: The The little Red Riding hood.

Azevedo Wilton. See [Bootz].
> Scripturesphere - Take it (2012). Performed during the Chercher le texte festival (2013).
- More in French.

Aziosmanoff Florent

< Living Art. Fondations. Au coeur de la nouvelle économie. CNRS Editions, Paris 2015.

> Living Joconde (2015). The project includes "a bio-inspired emotion engin". Florent Aziosmanoff is a major part of the project, led by Jean-Claude HEUDIN; Follow it on the IIM website. Comments in the book Living art, fondations, above, pp. 150-158. > Le jardin des amours (2011). Presented in the above book, pp. 277-318
- Living Jewelry, a masterclass animated in july 2014 by Florent Aziosmanoff and Pol Olory.
- In his book Living art 2010 , we retain specially:
. the criterion to evaluate interactive (or not) works of art: the average time a spectator remains attentive. See our blog.
. his development method for interactive works ; the mere fact to propose a method is comparatively new ; see interaction.
. and his scheme of three "motors" (expression, behaviour, perception).

- Video of his lecture at the Cube (Issy-les-Moulineaux, 2/18/2010), for the publication of his book Living Art. .
< Living Art,  Une forme d’expression spécifique au medium numérique.  CNRS Editions 2010.
> The little Red Riding hood (Le petit chaperon rouge, 2002), a work staging three Sony Aibo dogs. A long description in the above book.
> Léopold Sédar Senghor (1990 c.) CD-Rom (republished in 1999).
- Quoted many times by [Berger-Lioret]. More in French.

The database model according to Azuma. Upper part: the traditional model of the long and linear narration presented to the spectator. Lower part, the segmentation of narration(s), their collection into a database, into which the spectator builds its own vision.

Aztec. Group of institutions within Plymouth University. Roy Ascott was one of its leaders. <

Azuma Hiroki. A sociologist/philosopher, unavoidable to understand contermporary Japanese art, specially mangas and animes.
< Otaku Japan’s Database Animals. Hiroki Azuma, Minnesota Universiy Press 2009.
One only book has been translated in French:
< Génération Otaku. Les enfants de la post-modernité. Hachette 2008 (Japanese original, 2001).





Azzaro : Next Industrial Revolution

Azzaro Gilles. "Voice Sculptor"
> Next Industrial Revolution (2013), a voiceprint of President Barack Obama printed in 3D.
> Jewelry (2006). A line of jewelry incorporating laser engravings of 3D audio recordings.




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