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Sacem. Société des auteurs compositeurs de musique (France).
- Description of Sacem operations in Keyboards 200 (2005) .

Sack Warren Data Presentation.
> Conversation map
  (2001). [Paul].

Saemmer Alexandra. Scientist, Paris 8 Univeristy. Specialist in intertextuality and intersemioticity.
< Les frontières de l'oeuvre numerique. by Alexandra Saeemer and Sophie Lavaud-Forest. Presses Universitaires de Saint-Etienne 2016.
- Performs "Conduit d'aération" with Lucile Haute and Aurélie Herbet, at Chercher le texte. Locating the Text in Digital Literature (Paris, 2013). The program.

Sagalyn Adline
> Ou-Vert 2019. Digital print, with Carol-Ann Braun
- Exposes at Animé 2019

Sagamie. Artists Residence in Québec (Saguenay).

Sagar Marc. IMDB, the Internet Movie Database. Special effects.

Sagmeister Stefan. Wikipedia.
> Casa da Musica Identify (2007). Photos and Processing. 4 pages with pictures in [Bohnacker].
> Being not truthful (2006) with Ralph Ammer. Painting from photographs. 4 pages with pictures in [Bohnacker].

Saguez Olivier. Architect and designer, founder of Saguez and Partners. See Wikipedia.

Saïd Mitch.. Painting. One page with images in [Dermineur]. "Fascinated by intersection between digital and physical spaces".
> Tree-ID (2000).

Saif Lamie . Not on the Web.
> The Wishes Well (2015C) Processing, print on aluminum

Saint-Aubin: Oeuf (Egg).

Saint-Amant Etienne. Chaoscopia.
- Fractal art mainly.

Saint-Aubin Samuel. Openslab page.
> Parcours défini (2013). Revolving plates with balls.
> Oeuf (2013), by Samuel St-Aubin, kinetic installation, presented at Show Off 2013.
> Plasmose (2013). Moves (with Arduino boards).

Saint-Clair Jérome. aka 01010101.

Sainte Agathe. Arnaud Palin Site.
Artist, developer and algorist.

Saint-Jean Patrick. Personal website.
- Former Chair of Paris ACM-Siggraph.
- Interview AH No 33.

Fontaine Nikki
Nikki de Saint-Phalle, with Tinguely. The fountain near Centre Pompidou in Paris.

de Saint-Phalle Nikki. Sculpture and kinetic art. 1950's.[Popper 1] p.100.

Sakalauskas Rimas
> Bleu (2013) by Rimas Sakala

Sakamoto Somoko.
< From control to design. Parametric/algorithmic architecture. by Somoko Sakamoto and Albert Ferré (eds.) . Actar 2007.

Sakarovitch Jacques.
< Eléments de théorie des automates. Vuibert 2003.
- Interview SH No 14.

Sakrowski Robert
> Darknet (2015) . Print

Salavon Joseph. Graphic operations on photographs and statistical data. Wikipedia.
> Special Moments (2004);

Salesin David. Aesthetical animation. An enormous curriculum vitae. Specialty: animation, aesthetics.

Salter Chris. Director of the Hexagram Institute.
> Alter (2012). Performative environment.
> Just noticeable difference (2010). Sensory environment.

Salz David. Theater
> Quad (1996). Cited by Dixon 2007. "interpretation of Samuel Beckett's word, replaces the four actors with a computer programmed grid of LED lights".

Samyn Michaîl. [Greene] p.67. A member of Tale of Tales.
> Zuper (1995). Graphics and compositing.

Sanborn John > Renaissance , 1984. Music video with Dean Winkler. Cited with image in [Dreher].

Sanch See David Dessens.

Sanchez Felipe Luque. Light and sound sculpture. Many dfferent ways.
> D.W. 1. Chaos (smoke)
. (2014c.) Video.
> Chapter1
. (1990 c.).

Sanchez mathieu. Performer and puppeteer .
> Eau forte (2016) by Patricia Dallio and Mathieu Sanchez. Visual and sound performance. Music by Jean-Jacques Birgé.

Sanchez Rosa. A member of Konic Thr.

Sander Kari. Photographer.
> Bernhard J. Deubig 1.10 (1990 c.). [Paul].

Sandin Dan. At University of Illinois (Chicago), he created in 1973, with Tom DeFanti, the Electronic Visualization Lab.
> 5 Minutes Romp with the IP (1973). A tutorial about his Image Processor synthesizer.
- Several pages with pictures in [Dreher]

Charles Sandison : The River. (picture from Art Life Magazine.

Sandison Charles. Video. Wikipedia.
> The River (2010). A flow of wods in the alleys of Muee des Arts Premiers, Paris
> Utopia (2006). Projection of texts, witth spectators presence. Quoted with image by [Quaranta] p. 20.

Sangiorgi Leonardo. A member of Studio Azurro, An artistic research studio, using new technologies. Created by Fabio Crifino in 1982, Paolo Rosa (visual arts and film) and Leonardo Sangiorgi (graphic arts and animation). In 1995 Stefano Roveda, interactive systems expert, joins the ...

Sangue Pierre. Musician. Augmented accordion.

Santarromana Joseph.
> The Telegarden (1995). See Ken Goldberg.

Santini André. Lord-mayor of Issy-les-Moulineaux. Deeply involved in digital art.

Santourens. [Popper 1] p. 155.

Saotome Taichi. Dancer.
> Dragon and Peony (2011). Youtube. Mr. Saotome battles against his own shadowgraph with making full use of projection effects. The stage with transforming and lashing out shadow consists of precise video production and Mr.Saotome's talent. Videoproduction by Teamlab.

Sarawasti Gramich. A sculptor.
- At Synesthésie

Sardon Mariano. Science and art.

Sartori Mariateresa. This artist is interested in digital issues, but the digital aspect of her works are not clearly shown in the documentation.

Lisa Sartorio
> Bren –Mk1, Luger, M14-Ebr (2015) Print on cotton.

Makoto Sasaki

Sasaki Makoto. Photographer. Digital prints.
> Tokyo Layers #2 (2011). Presented at Da Foto in 2014. See our post

Sasaki Mutsuko K. Painting
> Fire Maple I. (before 1977). A picture in the Recode project.

Sasso Mario. Video, interaction.
> TG2 (1982).

Sassolino Arcangelo. Robotics
> Untitled (2006)

Sasson Mayer
> 104 designs (1975) by Manuel Felguerez and Mayer Sasson. Plotter, ink on paper.Quoted by [Lieser] 2015 with a picture

Sassocon Nicolas. Web art, objects.
> Builds (2013)

SAT. Société des arts technologiques (Technological arts society). Montréal. Immersive technologies, augmented reality, high-speed networks.
- Monique Savoie, founder and president.
- Labodôme (a variety of cave).
- Foodlab, culinary laboratory.

Sati. Multimedia group formed by Jesse Lucas and Erwan Raguenes. Aims notably to young audiences.
- Interview by the Cube after a concert in December 2009. Mix of video, digital and different instruments.

Satie Eric. A forerunner. Wikipedia.

Satis . Parisian fair dealing with medias technologies and products.

Sato Jun
> Flying Boxes 2019. Digital print on pape. - Exposes at Animé 2019

Satrom Jon. Multimedia, Trash and mash-up.
> Hex-Edig Glitch tutorial (2012).

Saturn (rings of). Their texture, see [Ebert].

Sauer Adrian. Painting
> 16.777.216 Farben (2010). Quoted, with images, in [Spieler-Scheuermann] p. 156-157.

Saussure Ferdinand de . Linguist, whose theories have been a deep impact of aesthetics and art theory.
< Course in General Linguistics, Glasgow: Fontana/Collins, 1977. In Franch :< Cours de linguistique générale, (1916) ed. C. Bally and A. Sechehaye, with the collaboration of A. Riedlinger, Lausanne and Paris: Payot; trans. W. Baskin,

Sauter Daniel.
> In the Line of Sight (2009). With Fabian Winkler. [Moulon] p.86-87.

Sauter Joachim. Interaction. Page web.
< The Invisible Shape of Things Past (1995) [Popper 2] , [Moulon] pp.53-54, with Dirk Luesebrink.
< Terravision - The Whole Earth Installation (1994).
< Iconoclast (1992) [Popper 2] 115-116. Eye tracking.

Sautour Stéphane.
> Fight Club (2002). Fight between two Aibo dogs . [Moulon] p. 40-41.

Sauvage Ludovic. Video.
> A Forest (2009)

Sauvageot Jacques
< Images numériques, l'aventure du regard, sous la direction d'Odile Blin et Jacques Sauvageot. Université dee Rennes, 1997.

Sauvaget Catherine.
- PhD thesis about expressive rendering applied to Comic books, Paris 8, December 2011. With pleasing evocation of words like "harmony", "message to be transmitted", too rarely heard in computer graphics environments.

Savard André.
> Scriptura et Caetera (1999), by Marie Bélisle, André Savard and Michel Du Bois. Poems and geometrical forms .Bootz.

Saw 3D. The digital horror...

Savarin Jean-Luc. 3D Director.

Savicic Gordan.
- Since the 2000'ss

Savoie Monique. Founder and president of SAT.

Savelli Anne. Maison des Ecrivains page.
> Le terrain de je/u (2013). Perfomed during the Chercher le texte festival (2013).
> Fenetre open space (2007). A blog, still opened in 2013.

Saw 3D. See Aaron Sims.

Sayre Rick.
> Tumbling Man (1992). with Chico MacMurtrie. Video.

Sbert Mateu. Professor Computational Aesthetics.

Scala Eric. Professor, multimedia.

Scale Collective. A group formed by Lucas Archambault, Vincent Boudier, Jérémie Bourgogne, Remi Desmonet, Leigh Hatwell, Damien Lemercier, Joachim Olaya, Julien Peissel, Sarah Schneider andJérôme Tuncer.

Scalpel Léo. Artist.

Scam. Société civile des auteurs multimédia (Civil society of multimedia authors). Has a commission dealing with digital art.

Scanlab. High resolution replicas of landscapes, objects and events. We could say: documentary art.
> Post Lenticular Landscapes (2016). Dedicated web page.

Scavettta Domenico.
Texte, hypertexte, hypermedia. by Roger Laufer and Domenico Scavetta. PUF 1992.
< Les nouveaux outils d'écriture: du traitement de texte à l'hypertexte. by Domenico Scavetta. PhD thesis 1987-88.
- More in French.

Scenocosme. Interaction. Group formed by Grégory Lasserre & Anaïs met den Ancxt. They create immersive universes, mixing interactive digital art, music and architecture. Looking for dreams and poetry, they play on the living, sensitive and even fragile nature of plants. Spectators are considered active "variables" giving life to dreamlike micrososms. The majority of their works make use of plants and detect contacts by electrostatic sensors.

This group goes very far into interaction. Lights Contacts, for instance, more than an interaction between the work and spectator, aims to interaction between spectators, which can even begin to play some music by reciprocal touches, kisses not excludes. It may lead also to choreograph

> Les cent visages (2017) The one hundred faces. Faces projected on an extensible fabric screen, changing when the spectator interacts. Dense feelings.
> Matières sensibles (2014c.). Technicallly, something comparable to the Theremin (1928) or But with the a strong bio-human touch.
> Rencontres imaginaires (2013 c.) Interactive and psychological works.
> Pulsations. A sound system in the heart of a tree.
> Phonofolium. An interactive sound tree.


- A document in Leonardo (PDF)
> Escales tactiles (2012). Dance and digital art with augmented tactile interactions. Created in collaboration with the K.Danse Cy. Choreographers: Compagnie K. Danse (Anne Holst & Jean-Marc Matos). Dancers: Aude Miyagi & Julien Lecuziat. The dancers bodies unveil in real time light and sound impulstions. Touch energies become perceptible, palpable, audible. The sounds translate emotions, rhythms and
> Domestic Plant (2012). A sound and interactive plant, behaving like a wild animal kept in captivity. It answers by sounds to human contacts and may move, kept in leash, exploring its interaction space. It tries to escape approaching persons. > Interactive garden (2013c.) In Roissy CDG Airport.
> Echos (2011). A section of a tree trunk, carvec and used to generate music. Nature and machine hybridation. .
> Happen Space. (2011c.). At the Accenture Headquarters.
> Interactive contacts (2012) sets on sage the spectators and their skin. Used by two or more persons, they transform them in human sound instruments, according to their contacts. The real aim of this work is the contacts between humans. Coproduction: centre des arts d’Enghien-les-Bains, Scène conventionnée pour les écritures numériques » > Light Contacts (2012 c.).
> Akousmaflore (2012 c.) is an interactive garden.
> Kymapetra (2012 c.).
> Metamorphy"
- Exhibtions and presentations summer-fall 2011.
> Light contacts (2010).
> Alsos (2005c.). Complex scenography with plants, images, sound.
> Spheraleas (2004).

Scha Remko. Wikipedia. Composer and interpreter. A professor of computational linguistics at the faculty of humanities and Institute for Logic, Language and Computation at the University of Amsterdam. He is also a composer and performer of algorithmic > Artificial (1995 c.). Algorithmic images creating program.
> Machine Guitars (1982).

Schachman Toby. Web art with varied works, mainly about images.
> Recursive Drawing (2011). Use the program online. Difficult to say if this kind of programming can be really efficient. See a journalist standpoint and some comments on (Information sent to diccan by Michel Volle). - Kaleidoscope (2010).

Schaeffer Jean-Marie
< La fin de l'exception humaine. Paris. Gallimard 2007
< L’art de l’âge moderne. L’esthétique et la philosophie de l’art du XVIIIe siècle à nos jours. Paris : Gallimard, 1992.

Schaeffer Pierre. Invents concrete music in 1948.
< Pierre Schaeffer. Les constuctions impatientes. Edited by Martin Kaltenecker and Karine Le Bail. Paris, CNRS Editions, 2012.
- [Moorefield] p.XVIII.
< Traité des objets musicaux. Seuil 1966.
- The standpoint of Paul Collaer (1965).
- More in French.

Schalhorn Andreas.
< System und Sinnlichkeit. Zeitgenossische Zeichenkunst von Tom Chamberlain bis Joringde Voigt. Wienand Verlag, Berlin, 2013.

Schallmaier Frank. Photographer.

Schatz Lincoln. Generative video. Biography by the New York gallery Bitforms.

Schauerman Nicola. A member of Genetic Moo.

Scheeff Mark. Photographer.
> Wan#1 (continuous) (2006 c.) Siggraph 2006.

Scheer Joseph. Photographs and prints.
> Butterflies (2001) [Paul].
- [Popper 2] 105-107 two works :
> Catocala Concumbens (2003).
> Yponomeuta Multipunctelle (2003).

Scheffer Nicolas. Web Art
> Teleluminoscope (1978), cited by Stiles and Selz.

Schemat Stefan
> Wasser (2004). Analyzed by [Kwastek] pp. 193-203. 23pages of comments and images by Katja Kwastek in [Ricardo]

Scherkl Robert.
< Machine à émouvoir. Über das Verhältnis von Theorie und Praxis im Purismus.

Scherrer Camille. Interaction, design
- Since circa 2008

Scheuermann Barbara J.
< Punkt.Systeme. Vom Pointillismus zum Pixel. by Reinhart Spieler and Barbara J. Scheuermann : Kehrer, Ludwigshafen, Germany, 2012.

Schieben Michael. "Call me a Creative Technologist who works for precious, one of former Two Antennas or co-founder of listgeeks."
>Monkeyfy (2010 c. ) Web page

Schiffeleers Stijn. Member of Future Farmers.

Schiffmann Jared. His page at MIT. A disciple of John Maeda.

An image from Schillinger's graphomaton.

Schillinger Joseph.
The ideas of Schillinger inspire, since 2008, the Schillinger Society, led by Philip DiTulio
< The mathematical basis of the arts.  Philosophical library, New York, 1948. Important foreseeing.

Schiphorst Thecla. A page in Fondation Langlois.
> Bodymaps. The Sensuality and Anarchy of Touch (1996). Page ArtNet.

Schleifer Jason. Computer scientist.
> Bodies@INCorporated (1995). [Paul], [Greene] p.108. Page UCLA.

Schleiner Anne-Marie, Leandre Joan and Condon Brody. Games Political engagement.
> Shoot love bubbles , a tag of Velvet Strike (2002). [Paul].
> Anime Noir-Playskins (2002) by Anne-Marie Schleiner and Melinda Klayman. [Greene] p. 149.

Schmidhuber Jürgen.
< A Formal Theory of Creativity to Model the Creation of Art. A chapter in [Mc Cormack and d'Inverno]. A tentative breakthrough behind the present lines by Jürgen Schmidhuber, who define beauty (shall we say in short) as the aptitude of a work to enhance our ability to cope with ulterior complex inputs. - Lego art webpage. A purist approach: circular patterns with only rectangular Lego bricks.

Antoine Schmitt : City Night Orchestra

Schmidt Karsten (aka Toxi). Artist and programmer. See Webpage and Galanter website.
> Generative book cover (2008). Painting. 4 pages with pictures in [Bohnacker].
> Toxiclibs, programming environment for graphics. Base on Java and Processing.
> Sculpture Type & Form (2008). 3D transforms of typographic letters. 4 pages with pictures in [Bohnacker].
- More in French.

Schmitt Antoine. Digital artist and computer consultant.
- Our posts about Antoine Schmitt.
> Deep Love (2017) Webpage (looks quite simplistic at present). s<
> Forever Young (2016). Pixels around a black square.
> Tempest (2015) by Antoine Schmitt (images) and Franck Vigroux (music) Video
> Carré blanc (2015). Quoted with a picture by [artpress 2015] and by [Lieser] 2015.
> Fractal film (2014).
> Ranger-Déranger (2014). On Vimeo.
> City Lights Orchestra (2013). "A visual symphony for the windows of the city, in Mons (Belgium), within the rue de Nimy neighborhood. At night, each computer connected to internet illuminates the window of its office or of the home, and blinks, pulsates, beats, fades in and out, each according to its own score, but in rhythm with all the others. The smartphones in the street do the same.Anyone can participate at anytime : the symphony is composed to accept an unlimited number of participants and it is open-ended. It recomposes itself indefinitely, according to a living score generated from an initial musical City Lights Orchestra is 100% participative. The whole city becomes the orchestra : both spectator and interpret of the symphony that is playing. It is a global city experience."

> Croix (2014), in cooperation with the musician Frank Vigroux.
> Fractal Film (2013). Webpage.
> 7 billion pixels (2013). Generative abstract.
- Personal web Site. Shows on spring 2013.
- Tempest performance.
- In quest for the Digital Absolute (2012)

Antoine Schmitt:. Pixels playing on pebbles.

- Digital art manifesto (3d rough, 1998). Includes a drastic requirement : the work must not contain any image, images sequence, sound, music, word, phrase, in short any form which should bear meaning by themselves" (Our free translation from French). - Interview by Nouveaux médias.
> 1000 pixels (2012), with Patrice Belin. Projection on a sculpture.
> Ballet quantique (2011). Quoted, with images, in [Spieler-Scheuermann] p. 148-149.
> Christ (2010 c.) , one of his most moving works. But quite an exception in an oeuvre polarized by abstract research. More recently, like other generative artists, Schmitt has combined his "pixels" with works by other artisis (painters or sculptors). > Le grand générique de tous les êtres humains (2009). [Moulon] p.33-34, with photo.
- "The most engaged French artist in generative art.. in a rather minimalist style" [Aziosmanoff].
- Ce que la programmation fait à l'art. Cross standpoints with Antoine Schmitt, Grégory Chatonsky, Samuel Bianchini and Douglas Eric Stanley. 20 pages in [Lartigaud].
- Le travail du temps : programmer un "mode d'être". Interview by Samuel Bianchini, six pages in [Lartigaud].
- Interview SH No 27 "What counts for me, in each of my works, is its autonomy ; it is "other", you can project yourself in it. I demand that the work be presented as operational, and if possible that the public is able to interact with it". > Nabaz'mob (2009). Nabaz'mob, opera for 100 communicating rabbits (with Jean-Jacques Birgé), created in 2009, but still developed and presented. The system has been sold to Mindscape, the game publisher, by Fall 2009. According Planète Robots (magazine) May-June 2011 : Karotz is heir of Nabaztag, built in 2005 by the French company Violet. Quoted with illustration in ArtPress2, May-July 2013. > Still living (2006) image in [Lartigaud].
> Le jardinier de Dali (1999). Open air sound installation. Web page
> Pixel blanc (1997). "The multiple ways you can look at it... forbid to think that you can grasp at first look its structure and rules", writes Fred Forest [Forest 2].

Schmitt Kass.
> Mr.Net.Art (1998), by Rachel Baker and Kass Schmitt. [Greene] p. 77.
> Choose (1997). Award at Form Art, 1997.

Nicolas Schöffer: the cybernetic Leuwen tower (now dismounted).

Schmitz Michael.
> Evolving Logo (2006). Graphic play on a logo. 4 pages with pictures in [Bohnacker].
> genoTyp (2004). An experience in genetic typography. 4 pages with pictures in [Bohnacker].

Schneeberger Reiner. A member of Ipac (Paros Island, Greece).
> Untittled (1978). Black and white prints. Several numbered works on this series. Images in the Recode project.

Scherrer Camille. Interaction.
> Follow the Birds (2014).

Schlemmer Carl. Choreographer, Bauhaus. Wikipedia.
- [Goldberg 2011], pp. 99-120 with pictures.

Schneeman Carolee. Theater, performance.
> Night Crawlers (1967). Presented at Montréal Expo. Six pages in [Youngblood] with photos.

Schneider Ira. [Couchot 2007] 178.
> Wipe Cycle (1969) by Frank Gillette and Ira Schneider. TV Camera, closed-circuit system, nine monitors, tapes, broadcasting. 2 pages with photo in [Youngblood].

Schneiter Liliane. [Jouable].

Schöffer Nicolas (sometimes written Schoeffer) Olats page .
- His work combined with Verlinde's projection (2012). Our note.
> Cybernetic tower (1950 c.).
> Cysp (1956). [Moulon] p. 10.
- [Whitelaw]. 2 pages [Meredieu].
< Le nouvel esprit artistique. by Nicolas Schöffer. Denoël/Gonthier 1970.
< La ville cybernétique. by Nicolas Sch°offer. Tchou 1969.
< Nicolas Schöffer. by Guy Habasque and Jacques Ménétrier : Neuchatel, Editions du Griffon, 1963.
- More in French.
> Cysp 1 1956. Mobil kinetic sculpture. Two pages and and a picture in [Dreher].

Schoenberg Arnold. Wikipedia.
- ([Edwards]). See dodecaphonic.
- More in French.

Schofill John. Film maker. A forerunner of digital, but still not digital. Three pages and photos in [Youngblood].
> XFilm (1967). "Images which plunge across the field of vision like a dynamo... punctuated with moments of restful quietude".

Schottstaedt Bill.
> Common music notation software. (2000 c.). [Edwards].

Schreiber Timothy. Architecture, design. Wikipedia.
> Morphogenesis (2007). Méridienne.

Manfred Schroeder: Eye II. Rendering effect.

Schroeder Manfred . Computer prints, 1960's. .
- Quoted by Darko Fritz in [Lartigaud].
> Eye II (1968). Rendering of a photography on a microfilm plotter. [Lartigaud].

Schubert Theresa. Body art.
> Bodymetries (2013). Quoted with a picture by [artpress 2015].
> Sonic Spheres (2008)


Schuh Owen. Drawing according to systematic rules. Comments and pictures in [Schalhorn] pp 106-109
> Turbulence (2011)

Schülke Bjorn. Kinetic art. Bitforms gallery in New York.

Schultz Pit.
- He took part in the project.

Schulze Daniel.
> For those who see (2010). "A three dimensional screen made from vortex air rings". 2 pages in [Klanten].

Schultze Paul. Composer.
> Orpheus in Silicon, Video.

Schumacher Patrik. Architect. Writer about architecture.

Schwartz Lillian F.. Photographer, cineast. Cited by [Baudouin].

> Mona/Leo (1987). Photograph and compositing. [Paul]. Video.
> Mutations (1973). Quoted by [Lieser] with a picture
> Pixillation (1970), [Lioret] p. 53, [Couchot 2003], and [Processing].

- Works in the Victoria & Albert Museum. An image in the Recode project.

Schweitzer Adelin. Interaction. Augmented reality. A Digitalarti page.
> A-Rreality (2016C) augmented reality.
> Videopuncher (2005).

Sciamma Dominique. CEO of Enseignement supérieur du design industriel Strate (Paris). A co-founder of Living Art Lab
- Quoted by Aziozmanoff 2015.

Scope. An art show.
- Scope Basel 2013. Basel: Bridging the Digital Divide, Further comments.

Scott Jill.
> Frontiers of Utopia (1995). Interactive.
- [ Popper 2] 276-279, [Murray] p. 151.

Scott Ridley. Wikipedia.
> Prometheus (2012). A remake of Alien. Not appreciated by some critics. "A debauchery of synthetic images, special effects and spectacular landscapes" (Le Monde, May 30, 2012). Technically commented by Sonovision Broadcast, June 2012, an interview with Martin Hill (technical supervisor at Weta Digital). > Blade Runner (1982).
> Alien (1979).

Scourti Erica. Web art and multimedia
> Empathy deck (2016-2017)

Scriabine Alexander 1900's.
- [Popper 2] 15 Light keabord.
> Prometheus : The Poem of Fire
(1915), performance at Carnegie Hall, and Bolchoi in 1916.

Seale Ansen.
> Unfolding no 14 (2006), at Siggraph. Special camera. .

Seaman Bill. Interactive works.
> Interactions (2000 c.) [Paul].
- [Popper 2] p. 241-248:
> Exchange Fields (2000), [Popper 2],
> The World Generator/The Engine of Desire (1996) [Popper 2].

Sears Loren. Video maker. . 3 pages with photos in [Youngblood].
> Sorcery (1968).

Seawright James.]Cited by [Parfait]..
- [Whitelaw] Cyborg sculptor.
>: Network III 1971. Pressure sensitive floor sensors and the location of the visitors between planes for in-and output. Cited by [Dreher].
> Electronic peristyle . 1968. Photocells and sounds. Five pages and pictures in [Dreher]. >

Second Life . .
< 33pages of comments and images by Maria Bäcke in [Ricardo]
< Article in Mechademia n°4 (Frenchy Lunning Editor, University of Minnesota Press).

Seconde nature. Cultural center in Aix-en-Provence dedicated to artistic creation and cultural practices in the digital age. Concerts, expositions, performances, cinema, workshops.
- Mai 2012 program, with notably Théo Parrish, a musician.
- Seb Niark1, program.

Go Segawa. Galerie Marie Robin
> Ball in a Ball . 2019. Plastic sculpture.
- Exposes at Animé 2019

Sédano Jean-Robert. A member of Ludicart.

Segal Liat. Painting.
> Not a typewriter (2016).

Seghal Tino. Conceptual artist Wikipedia.

Guido Segni
> A quiet desert failure (2015C).
> My own private reality (2007). Private Exposition

Fito Segrera : Agnosis

Segrera Fito
> Agnosis : The Lost Memories… (2016) Installation : Brain-computer interface, custom software, digital 3D sculptures.

Segura Jean. Journalist, specialized in computers, graphics, art, multimedia. Personnal site. Bio
< Du scanner aux images numériques. Agfa Gevaert/Nathan 1989.
< Caillois hypermédiatement.

Seidel Robert.
> -grau (2004). Processing on photographs. 4 pages with pictures in [Bohnacker].

Seillier Bruno. Digital sound and light. "The man who gives speech to stones".

Sekula Allan. Photographer of financial moves . Examples of works.

Selbo Vivian. These two works are part of the Vertical Blanking Interval. [Greene] p. 60.
> Blanking Interval (1996).
> Consider Something Intangible (1996).

Selfcontrolfreak. "A series of screen-based artworks that explores choice and control in interaction. Selfcontrolfreak visitors are prompted to act or react to situations, which may lead to an unexpected turn of
events or surprising scenarios." A project by Olivier Otten in cooperation with Daphne Heemskerk
> MasterPiece 2.0. (2010). With Baschz Leeft. Interactive creation on the Web, combining analog and digital means.

Sellam Michael. Robotics.

Selikoff Nathan.
> A society of Stickpeople. Capture #31 (2005 c.) Siggraph 2006.

Sellam Michael. [Jouable]. Quite derisive. Robotics, sound.
> Expériences de physique quantique après l'école. (2010 c.). Difficult to understand exactly what it is after. Sellam seems to be exploring the digital and nor digital word in all and every direction. We shall learn more in the future.
> Scratch (2007) Sound. Cited with picture in Artpress2 Art in the digital age, May-June-July 2013
> One Flat Thing (2005). Robotic installation. [Moulon] p. 39-40 .

Sembo Kensuke. Member of Exonemo.

Séméniako Michel. Photographs and installations
> L'exil (2000 c.).

Semionov Denis

Sengmüller Gehrard. Media artist
>Vinylvideo-project (1998). Video images stored on vinyl discs.

Senni Lorenzo . Music
> Superimpositions (2014)
> Quantum Jelly (2012)

Sens Olivier. (aka Senso). Sensomusic. Musician (contrabass) and creator of Usine software. Began in the 1990's. "Usine is dedicated to live music and real-time installations. It’s not a traditional Digital Audio Workstation so, it has a very specific approach. - Music motion, our comments on Sens show at Gaité Lyrique, 9/2012.

Art sensitif Association pour la promotion et le développement des arts électroniques expérimentaux et des arts de l'interaction. Created in 1999 by Jean-Noël Montagné.

Carlo Séquin: a very mathematical sculpture, with advanced technologies for the material implementation.

Séquin Carlo. Sculpture with rapid prototyping.
> Hilbert Cube. (2005 c.).

Sérandour Eric.
< Tue-moi (2000). Game of screen reading. Bootz.

Sermon Paul. Relational telepresence. Wikipedia.
- [Popper 2] p. 363-366.
> Telematic dreaming (1992), also shown by [Grau], [Grau 2003]and [Dixon 2007].
> Telematic vision (1993). [Popper 2].
> A body of Water. (1999), by Paul Sermon and Andrea Zapp [Grau], [Dixon 2007].

Serra Marianne. Ecole du Louvre.
- Interview SH No 22

Serres Michel.
Petite poucette. Le pommier, 2012.
< Arts/sciences alliages, by Iannis Xenakis, with interventions of Olivier Messiaen, Michel Ragon, Olivier Revaults d'Allonnes, Michel Serres and Bernard Teyssèdre. Casterman 1979.

Servo. Architects and designers.
> Dark Places (2006). Presentation device in the Santa Monica museum. Four pages in [Iwamoto]

Servovalve. Site Web.
> Carbon (2000 c.),

Sester Marie. Wikipedia. An interview in We make money not Art.
> Exposure_1_3. 3-channel HD Video installation.
> Access (2008). [Moulon] p.87-88.

Sester: Exposure_1_3.

Seul Michael.
< Practical algorithms for image analysis. Description, examples and code.
by Michael Seul, O’Gorman Lawrence O'Ogrman and Sammon Michael J. Cambridge University Press, Mass. 2000.

Seurat Georges. Is not pointillism a form of pixelation? [Kemp].

Seyl Antoine.
< La composition mécanique, Bruxelles 1926. Of historical interest.

Sfarr Joann. Comics author.
< Le chat du rabbin (2011). Film. Animation film from comic books.

The Soho Gallery for Digital Art (A short lens view).

SGDA. Soho Gallery for Digital Art. New York. Led by Susannanh Perlmann. The entrance, in the basement, is discrete, but well placed (Sullivan Street) in Greenwich village. It is fully dedicated to digital art, mainly on large screens. - Ranked by CBS among the six best contemporary art galleries in New York.

Shanken Edward A.
< Art and electronic media. Phaidon 2009. A heavy book, with a lort of artists and works.
< Roy Ascott. Telematic Embrace. Visionary theories of Art, Technology and Consciousness. Edited and with an essay by Edward A. Shanken.

Sharp. The first adverstisement film by Sogitec. Page Paris ACM Siggraph.

Sharp Oscar. Cinema. Wikipedia
> Sunspring (2016). A short film, with Thomas Middledith. Cooperating with Ross Godwin. The scenario has been written by an AI (says Manuela de Barros, Le Monde, 0ct. 20, 2018).
> Sign Language (2010)

Sharp Willoughby. Light, video communication.
> Send/receive Two-Way demo (1977.). [Paul], - [Popper 2] pp. 82-85.

Shaw Jeffrey , Works before 2002.
> Configuring the Cave (1997), quoted by [Couchot 2003].
> Place Ruhr (2000). pages with pictures in [Grau 2003]. 2 pages with pictures in [Grau 2003].
>ReConfiguring the CAVE (1997), by Jeffrey Shaw, Agnes Hegedüs et Bernd Lintermann (ICC, InterCommunication Center, Tokyo 1997)
> The legible city (1989, here shown), with the collaboration of Dirk Greeneveld [Paul], [Popper 2], [Lopes], [Moulon] p.46, , [Lieser] (2 pictures)
> The Golden Calf (1994), [Paul]. Quoted by [Moulon] p.46 .
> Place, a users manuel (1995) [Paul].
> Golden Calf (1995). Quoted by [Lopes].
> Space - a user’s manual (1995), quoted and a picture in Codognet.
- [Popper 2] p. 236-238.
- [Moulon] p. 56.
- 5 pages with pictures in [Dreher] (PDF online).

Shaw Wade. Photography.
> White Horse (1972), and other photographs, In the collections of Victoria & Albert Museum.

Jeffrey Shaw, The legible city. A major work in interaction art (Karslruhe ZKM collections).

Sheang Shu Leah. Net art. Wikipedia (French).
- [Murray] p 253. "The self-proclaimed de-territorialized Internet artist, the glob al creator without a local address".

Sheehan Benedict . Interaction. "I'm an artist / programmer. I like to think of myself as being able to use technology in a creative way."
> Magic Mirror (2006 c.) Siggraph.

Sheldon Lee.
< Character development and storytelling for games, by Lee Sheldon, Boston, Thomson course technology PTR, 20004.

Shepard Marc. A note in Media Study. More a thinker and curator than properly an artist, but also a developer.
> Serendipitor (2011). Website

Shibuya Koichiro. Music and visual arts.
> The End (2013), with YKBX (a.k.a Masaki Yokobe, illustrator). Presentation of the work In Le Monde, 1/11/2014.

Shiffman Daniel. Professor and artist. Procedural painting
> Voronoi (2008). Private collection of The Cube, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France.

Shinozaki Yukiko. Choreographer. A member of Deep Blue.

Shirk Kelly. See Sugar Lab

Shlain Leonard
< Art and Physics: Parallel Visions in Space, Time, & Light By Leonard Shlain. William Morrow & Company, October 1991. History, not particularly digital. Review by Howard Rheingold.

Compagnie Shonen. Dance and images
> Lil'Dragon (2012). See Announcement in September 2011 In 2013: choreography by Eric Minh Cuong Castaing, collaborating with Gaëtan Brun Picard, Ingrid Estarque, Meah Savay. interpreters Meah Savay, Ingrid Estarque, alternating with Marie-Alfréda Nabo. Dramatist Céleste Germe. Assistant choreograher Gaétan Brun Picard. Video design and robotics Pierre Gufflet. Original music Naun & Alexandre Bouvier. Light creation Sébastien Lefevre|Light effects Grégoire Faucheux with a group children from Vienna and On stage, a former dance star from Cambodia, after fleeing from the Red Khmer dictatorship, and an dancer of K.R.U.M.P give flesh to two vital powers, two ways of being a woman, and two forms of fight, with unexpected descendents. At stake, a swarm of children, a brotherhoodd, a pack, a changing mankind, like a large spongy and visceral, ingests and transfigures signs and energy given by the elders. Hence are borne new images, altered icons. Such mental projections resonate upon the bodies in a sensitive choreography, implemented by a digital system (video archive, pixel art, robotics). > Salomon (2010). (Manela de Barros, MCD 7-8 2010).

Shonibare MBE Ynka.
> Odile and Odette (2005)

Shop Architects (SHoP).
> Dunescape (2000). [Iwamoto].
- More in French.

Shor Shirley. Multimedia.
> Hypereliefs (2010). Multimedia installation.
> LE JOU/the game (2002) dedicated webpage
< DEMOing: An Emerging Art form or Just Another Digital Craft? by Shirley Shor and Aviv Eyal (ntelligent Agent 4.1 Winter 2004).

Show Off. A Parisian show. First edition in 2006.

Showstudio. Design cabinet. See Nick Knight.
> Taking Liberties (2004). Interaction. 6 pages in [Cameron].

> Shrek (2000 c.).
> Shrek 2 (2000 c.). Wikipedia.

Shukumaran Ashok
> Park View Hotel (2006). Urban performance about surveillance. [Moulon] p.91 with photo.

Shulgin Alexei. Web Art
> 386 DX (1998) [Greene] p. 113
> WWWArt Award (1997) . . [Greene] p.73
> Form Art (1997) quoted by [Lieser] with pictures
> Link X (1996) . [Greene] pp. 42-43.
> Hot Pictures (1994). [Greene] pp. 36-39.
> Rotating Landscapes (1991), [Vroege]
- More in French.

Shu-Min Lin.
[Murray]. Holograhic shows.

Shukumaran Ashok.
> Park View Hotel (2006). Performance about surveillance. [Moulon] p.91.

Siana. "L'imaginaire des technologies". Conference and show at Evry (Théâtre de l'Agora) and l'ENSIIE.

Siarry Patrick.
< La méthode du recuit simulé. Théorie et applications. by Patrick Siarry et G. Dreyfus. Synthesis.. Idset, 10 rue Vauquelin, 75005 Paris, 1989
< Optimisation en traitement du signal et de l’image. Patrick Siarry ed. Hermès-Lavoisier 2007
< Fourmis artificielles, with Monmarché N., Guinand F. coordinators, Volume 1 Des bases de l’optimisation aux applications industrielles. Volume 2
< Nouvelles directions pour une intelligence collective. Hermès-Lavoisier, 2009.

Siboni Raphaël. Wikipedia. Moves.
> The Death of Ray Kurzweil (2014). Video.
> The Outland 2009. A closed simulator. Cited with picture in Artpress2 Art in the digital age, May-June-July 2013

Side Effects Software.
> Houdini. 11.1 et 12 at Siggraph 2011. 3D Creation software.

Siegel Eric. Video maker. Notice in N3krozoft"
> Psychedelevision (1968- 1969). Three pages and photo in [Youngblood].
> Einstine (1968). Using his Processig Chrominance Synthesizer. Cited by[Parfait], p. 111.

Sierra Vladimir.
> Still Life #2 (2005 c.) Siggraph 2006. Resembles Vasarely.

Si et seulement si. Theater company.
- More in French.

Sifteo. Intelligent interactive games.
> Sifteo cubes (2010 c.). 2 pages in [Klanten].

Sigchi. ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Human Interaction. Paris Chapter .

Siggraph. International website.
- Siggraph 2013, a practical guide for your visit. The French papers. The technical papers. Art papers in Leonardo magazine.
- laît en Californie. A 5 pages report by Jean Segura in Sonovision, Sept. 2012.
- Siggraph 2008: (in French) Bravo , (Bravo la France. Chapeau l'Amérique. Allez, l'Europe ! ), Emotion (about robots), Sex (Salvation will come from the women).
- Art Gallery Siggraph 2006... Digital Fatigue?
- Laval Virtual AH No 115.
- Night show AH No 55.
- Imagina 2003 AH No 101.
- Paris ACM Siggraph. AH No 51.
- "Computer art, an oxymoron" Siggraph 1989. Report in the Nick Lambert PhD thesis.
- More in French.

Sigma This show was held in Bordeaux and played an important avant-garde part. For instance, in 1967, the composer Pierre Henry has all the hall armchairs removed, so that the public may choose freely his position.

Signer Roman. Wikipedia.
- Sculptor at large. Digital as far as his works are strictly programmed : "Following carefully planned and strictly executed and documented procedures, the artist enacts and records such acts as explosions, collisions, and the projection of objects through space." (according to Wikipedia).

Sikora Stéphane. A member of Music2eye. Interactive music.

Silhol Nicolas. Choreographer.
> Somnambules (2003) in cooperation with Jacques Birgé and Nicolas Clauss. See Birgé.

Silk. A generative tool, on the web as a game.

Silo. Digital sculpture software tool.

Simbula Massimiliano. Cinema, special effetcs. Unifrance page.

Simon Francis. Page. Robotic art.

Simon John F. Photographer and algorithmic generation of images.
- [Popper 2].
> Chip (2007) in [Lieser] with a large picture
> ComplexCity (2000). [Popper 2].
> Color Panel v 1.0. (1999).  [Paul], [Popper 2] , and [Lieser] photography and infography.
> Every Icon (1997). Aims to display every possible image. Site. Quoted with a picture by [artpress 2015].

Simon John F. Jr.
< Outside in: ten years of software art. 2009. Mostra Reggio Emilia, collezione Maramotti, march 8 - may 3, 2009. The book describes his works.

Simplysim. A Simplycube product for 3D creation.

Simpson Krause Dorothy. Graphic artist.
> Reflexions ( 2003). Landscape, inkjet on metal. [Wands].

Simpson Zack Booth. Siggraph 2006:
> Work Moderation (2006 c.). Siggraph. Photography, infography, interaction (?).

Sims Aaron. Painter, special effects, artistic leader.
> Insidious (2011). Film. Avec "Insidious et bientôt le prequel de La Planète des Singes, il conforte sa réputation de maître de l'étrange et de l'abject, acquise avec Saw et Black Swan" (Julien Dupuy, Trois, May 2011).
> Saw 3D (2010). trailer of the film.

Karl Sims : not sad at all !

Sims Karl. Genetic art. Cited by [Reichle 2009]
> Genetic Images ( 1993) .
> Gallapagos (1997) [Paul]. A picture in [Grau 2003].
- [Whitelaw] comments rather widely, as well as [Lioret]] pp. 100-106
> Particle Dreams 1988. Cited with an image by [Dreher].
- Severam pages and figures on his evolutionary art in [Dreher]. .

Sinclair Peter. Co-leader of Locus Sonus laboratory.

Singier Stéphane. Cap Digital. Page Facebook. Page Paris ACM Siggraph.

Single Wing Turquoise Bird. Multimedia (but not digital) group. Members :
. Jeff Perkins: films and slides.
. Peter Mays: films and slides.
. Jon Greene: retroprojectors, technical innovation.
. Michael Scroggins: retroprojectors, liquids and technical innovations.
. Allen Keesling : slides, rheostats, improvised devices.
. Charles Lippincott : group manager.
> Concerts rock (1967-1968) at Shrine Exposition Hall in Los Angeles. Three pages with photos in [Youngblood].

Singleton Andy.
> Doodle Garden. A rendering software tool.

Sinier Raoul. Comics, music, clips, drawings.

Sio Benbor. See Fantôme.

Sirois Dominique. Multimedia, installations and performances.
- 2011. Takes part in Capture (but does not say it in his website...).

Sirotinsky Arthur. Fractal art
> Fractal explorer. Software. A follower of Fractint, with a more modern interface. Website. Quoted by [Berger-Lioret] p.174.

Şişman Candaş
> IPOCle, a phyical immsersive installation playing with smoke and lenses. Not highly digital.

Sismo Designers. A group of artists an designers: Antoine Fenoglio and Frédéric Lecourt.
- They have worked since 2011.
> En attendant. Installation (2013 c.). ... Caring for your own (modeled) skull...

Sistach Claire. She crosses and synergisses art, sciences and technologies, into
- digital art, interactive fiction and transmedia
- video games and persistent worlds as art media
- new information and communication technogies, AI and cybernetics.
> Magic Flowers (2018C) by Patrick Appere and Claire Sistach
> OpenSim (2016), performative immersion "DualCorps, with Soizic Sanson and Alain Berthoz.
> EveOnline (2013), performative immersion, " Eve Online Cyber-exploration ", with Etienne Armand Amato, Vincent Levy, Soizic Sanson, Xanthie Vlachopoulou et Wilfried Coussieu.
> Minecraft (2012), performative immersion, into dedicated Minecraft server, with Etienne-Armand Amato.

Sister0. A pseudonym of Nancy Mauro-Flude.

Sismo: En attendant (While waiting).

Sisyu. Calligraphy.
< What a loving and beautiful wold (2012). Presentation in Laval Virtual.

Siza Alvaro. Architect. Wikipedia
> Serpentine Gallery Pavilion (2005). With Eduardo Souto de Moura. Quoted by [Iwamoto].

Sjölander Ture
> Monument (1967). Intermedia project by Ture Sjölander and Lars Wreck, in cooperation with Bengt Modin, video engineer. Four pages in [Youngblood].

Sjölen Bengt. Multimedia, video. Transmediale page.
> Panoramic Wifi Camera (2010)

Sketchup. Google 's 3D software.

Skullmapping. Skullmapping is an artistic collective run by Filip Sterckx and
Antoon Verbeeck.
" Skullmapping tells stories with stunning bespoke visuals. We conceptualize, produce and direct projects from start to finish. We deal with art in an experimental, technology-related way. "

Slaves. See Digital Slaves.

Slayton Joël. Interaction and collaboration. Page Facebook . Page Leonardo.
> Telepresent Surveillance (1999) [Popper 2] 292-296.

Slepian John. Robots mimicking animals.
> Little_one (2005 c.) Kamaguchi. Siggraph 2006.

Slick Art Fair.
- Slick 2013 in Brussels. News. Website.

Sliders Lab. Multimedia, objects, environments. Founded by Jean-Marie Dallet and Thierry Guibert. In 2014, led by Frédéric Curien.
> TopoMovies (2009). In 2015, the work is shown at Futur en Seine (see our post, with the catalog).

Small David.
> Talmud project  (1999), with Levinas. [Paul].

de Smedt Tom.
> Superfolia (2008).

Pavei Smetana: Lilith

Smetana Pavel. Director of CIANT (Centre International d`Art et des Nouvelles Technologies) that he founded in Prague in 1998. He has managed European projects supported within CULTURE 2000, MEDIA Training and the 5th Framework Programme > Lilith, Brain-in-the-Machine (2006). Web page.
> The Mirror: The Cyber-Portrait of Dorian Gray. (1998) Web page

Smith Alvy Ray. Animation
> Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan. (1982) by Loran Carpenter, Bill Reeves, Tom Porter, Rob Cook, Tom Duff and David DiFrancesco, directed by Alvy Ray Smith. The firls all-digital computer-generated image sequence, according to [Masson].

Smith Brian Reffin. Wikipedia A member of Oupeinpo.
> From West to East (1988) Drawings on a Calcomp plotter. Quoted by [Lieser] 2015 with a picture

Smith Carl H.  
< A recursive introduction to the theory of computation. Springer 1994. A short (but not easy) introduction to this central issue of the digital world.

Smith Graham. Wikipedia. Artist and inventor
> Emoti-chair (since 2009).
> Intersection (2008). Photo assembly about the Berlin wall.
- From 1993 to 1995 he directed the VRAAP program (Virtual Reality Artist Access Program) at the McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology at the University of Toronto.

Smith Leland. Music. +2014. Cited by [Baudouin]. Notice by Stanford University.
> Machines of Loving Grace (1975c.)

Smith Paul. Computer animaion. Of key interest to this body of work are models exhibiting non-deterministic behaviour especially where this may present problems for evaluating outcomes. The research looks at interpreting the spatial and temporal patterns from an aesthetic perspective hoping to gain insights at the intersection of artistic and scientific disciplines."
> Boredom Research (2017). A collaboration between British artists Vicky Isley and Paul Smith.

Smith Paul Henry. Music. Cited by [Lehmann].
> Fauxharmonic orchestra (2007). Virtual orchestra. Website, with extracts of music composed with it.

> Poser 8 (2010 c.). Software, last version.
> Poser (2000 c.) 3D Creation software, for body modeling of men and ladies...

Smithson Robert. An introduction. He gained international recognition for his groundbreaking art which was not limited by genre or materials as well as for his critical writings that challenged traditional categories of art between the years of 1964-1973. His art and writings have had a profound impact on sculpture and art theory for over thirty years.

Smits Kathleen Curran. Painting and photography with digital editing. Gallery SGDA New-York.
> Liquid glass (2010 c.). Computer graphics with glass effects.

Smoliar Stephen. Music. Examiner webpage. Cited by [Baudouin].
> SRVAR 3 (1973c.)

Snibbe Scott.
> Biophilia Tour (2011), by Bjork. Quoted by {Worms,2012]. An App album. With Scott Snibbe.
> Oscilloscoop (2011). Interface for tablets in order to create music.
> Boundary functions (1998)  [Paul] In a limited space, a device projects on the ground a Voronoi diagram, each person in the space being taken as a point. Quoted by [Lopes].

Snow Michael. Cinema, animation.
> De Là (1969-1972) Cited by Parfait] pp 279-281.
> La région centrale (1971). A1971 experimental film directed . The film uusing a robotic arm and consists entirely of preprogrammed movements. The robotic arm never moves in exactly the same way twice, so that each camera movement is slightly different. (according to Wikipedia.). Cited by Parfait] pp 65-67. > Wavelength (1967). Programmed camera movement.

So Kanno. Multimedia
> Semi Senseless Drawing (2010C), automated painting system with sensors, by Kanno So and Yang2.

Soban Bogdan. Website.
- Algorithmic painting.

Soberano Nieto.
> Centro de Creacion Conteporanea de Andalucia (2013).Quoted by Terracol with picture and geometric explanations, for use of Voronoi diagrams.

Sobieszcsanski Marcin. Communication Sciences Department, University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis (France).
< Eléments d'esthétique cognitiviste. L'Harmattan 2000. Difficult to be read, and very "French school". But a lot of interesting pages about Bernard Caillaud, a specialist in color.

Sobell Nina.
- Experiments collaborative creation with brain waves, 1973-2008 Video.

Sobrino Francisco. Painter, plastic artist. Member of Grav. Galerie Denise René. Wikipedia.
< Untitled. 1970.

Soccavo Lorenzo. Research and prosective of the book and text. His blog.

La Société Anonyme. represented by Dušan Barok, Aymeric Mansoux, Danny van der Kleij, and Marloes de Valk.

Société Réaliste. Group created in 2004 by Ferenc Grof and Jean-Baptiste Naudy. "It works with political design, experimental economy, territorial ergonomics and social engineering consulting. Polytechnic, it develops its production schemes through exhibitions, publications and conferences."
> EU Green Cart Lottery : The Logos File (2009). [Moulon].

Socquin-Brillan Philippe
> Symbiosis (2015C) Drawing and processing

Soddu Celestino. Generative art.
> Argenia (1997). Architectural patterns design software.
- Organises the conference Generative Art, every year in Milano.

Sodeoka Yoshihide. "A multidisciplinary artist and musician".
- Since the 1990's, probably.

Soetens Thomas. Co-founder of the Workspace Unlimited group.

Softimage. See Autodesk.

Solaas Leonardo
> Google Variations (2011 c.). Webpage. A note in Random Magazine.

Sollfrank Cornelia. Wikipedia. Cyberfeminist.
> Female Extension (1997) in [Greene] and in [Lieser].

Solon Brian. Twitter.
> Hard Drivin’ (2010 c.). A kinetic installation created by Ivan Twohig, Benjamin Gaulon and Brian Solon. See Twohig.

Somasa Saritdikhun. Photographer, 1990's. Bowling Green Universiy page.

Sommerer Christa and Mignonneau Laurent. Page in Interfaces-UFG.

- Commented by [Aziozmanoff 2015] p. 103, [Grau 2003], 19 pages in [Reichle 2009]

- A mail to diccan by Sommerer and Mignonneau, April 2013.
> The value of Art (2010). It is a derisive work : a small printer gives out a tape with the time spent in front of the work par spectators, and converts into dollars. Like the small and both funny and slightly disgusting typewriter shown in Art Karslruhe 2012, this work tends to show that Sommerer & Miignonneau are not, presentely, producing large works with ecological evocations, but concentrate on limited topics. Can we hope that they will find again, in the future, new projects more in line with their creatie power and the wide openings expressed in their book Interface Cultures, Artistic Aspects of Interaction (Springer 2008) (with D. - Long presentations in [Whitelaw], [Paul], [Popper 2] pp. 300-304, [Moulon] .

Art works
> Portrait on the fly (2014C) quoted with picture by [Lieser] 2015.
> Solar Display (2008) and other building decoration, Quoted by [Lieser] with pictures
> Life Writer (2006), presented at Show Off 2013.
> Phototropy 2 (1999).
> Phototropy (1995)
> A-Volve, (1994), virtual reality. A large picture in [Lieser].
> Phototropy (1994).
> The first generation Inter_Skin Suit  (1994).
> Interactive Plant Growing  (1992). [Whitelaw].p.6 describes. Webpage.


Sommerer & Mignonneau: Life writer (2006).

< Wonderful Life. by Laurent Mignonneau and Christa Sommerer. Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art. Gdansk 2012.
< Interactive Art Research by Chista Sommerer and Laurent Mignonneau (eds), with the cooperation of G. Stocker. Includes a DVD. Springer 2009.
< The Art and Science of Interface and Interaction Design, by C.Sommerer, L.C. Jain and L. Mignonneau. Springer 2008.
< Interface Cultures, Artistic Aspects of Interaction, by C.Sommerer, L. Mignonneau and D. King, Springer 2008.

Son Michelle. Installations and video.
- To Whom It May Concern (2011). Quoted with pictur, and a full page with images in [Dermineur]. pp. 20-21 and 91.

Sondheim Alan. Poet. Wikipedia
> Svaha, Tantran Death: A Second Life. Performed with Sandy Baldwin during the Chercher le texte festival (2013).
> Being on Line: Net Subjectivity (1996). An anthology.

Song Yinan . Art, design, programming & research about technology & politics.
> Since 2014C.

Sonic Acts festival. Amsterdam. Interdisciplinary art
< The Art of Program, by Frans Evers, Lucas van der Velden and Jane Peter von der Wenden (eds): Sonic Acts 2001.

Sonne Kasper. Painter, with sometimes texts, in white on black backgrounds. The text may be a succession of short phrases, the last of one giving the first of the following on display. From a digital standpoint, he may be considered a textual artist. > Borderline no 10 (2012). Lights on a large metal grating.

Sonographe A tool to create musical sounds from graphical representations, developed by GAIV.

Sonokinetic. Provides a bank of instruments, which may be bought one by one or by bundles. For example
> Classical Bundle (2000 c.).

Sonovision. Sonovision-Broadcast. Digital Film. The reference monthly magazine in France.
- Publishes each year a directory "Qui fait quoi".

- Many digital products, and also a laboratory in Paris, Sony CSL
> NEX-C3 (2011). Compact camera, different lenses and a microphone, for HD filming.
> Casque ZX (2011). Used for instance in silent concerts.
> Aibo (2000 c.) Pet dog. Proudction stopped around 2007. See Florent Aziosmanoff, as an example of artistic use. Funeral of Aibo robots.
> Playstation (2000 c.). Game machine.
- Partner of ACM Siggraph
- PCM 1 (1977). The first digital sound recorder.

Sorin Pierrick. Stage director.
> Pierrick Transhistorik (2016) Optical theater, HD video.
> La Pietra del Parragone (2007), by Rossini, directed by Giorgio Barbierao Corsetti and Pierrick Sorin. Quoted by [Moindrot 2013], p. 198.

Sosolimited. Videos and text.
> Ascenders & Descenders presented in Gaité Lyrique (Paris, on June 2011).
> LG Music Interactives. Photos in [Klanten].

Jesus-Raphael Soto : Communication center of Renault.

Soto Jesus-Raphael. Spaces of strings.
> Vibrations (2000 c.) A large optical sculpture, 18 meters long. in Renault communication space.
- [Popper 1] many quotations (p. 22 63 81 113 204  ), [Couchot 2007] p. 35, [Lioret] p.114.

Soulhiol Geraud. Digital ?

Soum Jacques. Painter. Anne Cros. gallery.

Soundwalk (the website is a nearly empty blog, or you have to login). Locative media with Jazzy Jay. See [Leloup, 2013] pp. 79 sq.

Soundtrack. An association of artists.
> Extraball (2012).

Souriau Emile. A philosopher about arts.
< La correspondance des arts. Flammarion 1947.
< Les deux cent mille situations dramatiques. 1950.
< L'art chez les animaux. Hachette 1965.
- More in French.

Sowa J.A.
> Geniac Electric Brain (1956). A kind of small mechanical computer for music composition. Quoted by [Edwards], who takes Band-in-a-Box as a modern equivalent.

La Spada. See Giuseppe La Spada.

Spain. See our geographical guide.

Spalter Anne. "Early computer art, digital video, combinations of traditional and digital".
- The spalter art collection includes early digital works since the1950's.
> Pieces shown at Siggraph 1992.

Spamm. Arte. Super Art Modern Movemnet

Span Architects.
> Housing in Vienna (2007). Complex geometric tessellation. Soft shapes. Two pages in [Iwamoto].
> Gradient Scale (2005). Let us quote "The project explores issues of non-sequential scalar growth, surface articulation, and the panelization of a continuous non repeating surface using CNC fabrication methods" (CNC = Computer numerical control ).

Spatial Media. An art and research group at Ensad Paris.
> Roswell (2018C)

Speakman: It must have beeen...

Speakman Duncan. Literature under new tools (App).
> It Must Have Been Dark By Then (2017). See the author's website.

Spector Phil. American producer of pop music. Wikipedia. Specially Be my baby.
- He played an important part in technological progress of music: "Spector can be thought of as the link between the shift away from the "realistic" recording aesthetic of the fifties to the innovations of the sixties. The move was away from a method in which the sound of a recording was created primarily by the instrumental arrangement and its live performance in the studio, toward one where the manipulation of technology is at the very least an equal partner in achieving the final sound of the recorded work". ([Moorefield], 7 pages).

Speedtree. A software provider.
> SpeedTree 6. (2011). Tree and plants editor.

Speiser Andreas. Mathematician. Wikipedia
< Die Mathematische Denkweise. Basel, Verlag Birkhäuser, 1945. Chapters are dedicated to symmetry, music, colors. We do not know any translation in English or French.

SPFA . Syndicat des producteurs de films d'animation.

Spideka. See Catherine Langlade.

Spiegel Laurie. Music. Commented by [Baudouin]. See Wikipedia
> Pentachrome (1975).

Spielberg Stephen. Film maker. Wikipedia.
Among of lot :
> Jurassic Park (1993). Quoted by [Couchot 2003].
> Artificial Intelligence : AI. Begun in the 1970's, then taken on by Kubrick. About transmedia, notes in [Rose], Wikipedia (French). [Jenkins] , comments about the "Beast", a game created to promote the film. - Interviewed by Aurélien Ferenczi (Télérama 5/1/2013), to the question : “A Cannes, comme partout, de plus en plus de films sont projetés en numérique. Qu’est-ce que cela vous inspire”, Steven Spielberg answers : “Je vois la différence, je préfère la pureté de la pellicule, cette espèce de vibration visuelle que le numérique ne peut pas rendre. A fortiori quand vous êtes assis près de l’écran : la pellicule offre un grain particulier, la dispersion chaotique des molécules visuelles s’anime d’une vie propre. La différence est à peu près la même qu’entre la peinture à l’huile et la peinture acrylique. Mais ce qui compte vraiment, c’est le coup de pinceau de l’artiste, son sujet, sa philosophie, son talent. Le numérique me gène jusqu’à ce que je sois pris par le film et que j’oublie le support sur lequel on le projette... J’espère que collectivement les studios américains vont permettre aux derniers laboratoires de rester ouverts pour les cinéastes comme Christopher Nola ou moi, qui ne peuvent pas se passer de la

Spieler Reinhart.
< Punkt.Systeme. Vom Pointillismus zum Pixel. by Reinhart Spieler and Barbara J. Scheuermann : Kehrer, Ludwigshafen, Germany, 2012.

Spies Jaco. Painting. Landscapes as expression of national ideologies. One page with images in [Dermineur].
> Constitution (2004).

Spiller Teo.
> I Was a Soldier on Kosovo (1999) [Greene] p.128.

Spiner Jean-Michel. Founder of 2 Minutes corporation.

Spinhoven Bill.
> I/Eye (1993) . Quoted by [Couchot 2003].

Spinney James. Cinema, VR.
> 3D Notes on Blindness (2016) by Peter Middleton & James Spinney, a 360° interactive emotional and sensitive experience based on psychological perception of blindness. (presented at Espace Khiasma (Les Lilas, near Paris). webpage of the work. webpage of the event . Another webpage

Spitz Rejane. Page Leonardo. Professor and curator.

Spohr Malte Photography and procesing in depth. . Klein Gallery page. Digital? Comments in [Schalhorn] pp. 110-113.


Springer An important German publisher, with many titles on image processing, artificial intelligence, artificial life...

Spuybroek Lars Architect Wikipedia
> La machine molle de vision. in [Ayrault]

Squarepusher. Pseudonym of the musician Tom Jenkinson.

S.S.S. Group founded in 2003 by Cécile Babiole, Laurent Dailleau and Atau Tanaka. Images and music using several body sensors.

St. Arnaud Raymond. "Photo manipulation".
> Amdahl Graphic (1975).

Staehle Wolfgang. Net art.
> Untitled (2001), also known as To the People of New York. Greene pp. 172-173.
> Empire 24/7  (1999). [Paul]. 
- [Popper 2] pp. 329-330.

Stalbaum Brett. A member of Electronic Disturbance Theater.

Stalder Felix. Cultural, software, in Arles 2016

Stam Jon; Note on Commonplace. His " focus is on context driven objects, quality craftsmanship, and quiet interactions. His designs frame autobiographical content, while addressing contemporary issues such as the increasing lack of tactility, the need for curation, and other challenges posed by the digital. " > An imaginary museum (2010 c.). A note in Random Magazine.

Stampe Christophe. See François Blondeau.

Stanley Douglas Eric. Algorithmic cinema and game art (Abstract machines). Ecole supérieure d'Art. Aix en Provence page. Abstract Machine page.
- [Jouable].

Stanton Andrew. Film maker.. (Pixar) Wikipedia.
> Finding Nemo (2004) in CyberArts 2004 catalog.

- "Stanza is an expert in arts technology, CCTV, online networks, touch screens, environmental sensors, and interactive artworks. Recurring themes throughout his career include, the urban landscape, surveillance culture and alienation in the city. His mediums include; generative artworks and installations." (Presentation on the website). > Capacities (2011 c.). Webpage.
> Sonicy (2010 c.) KR Home-Studio, April 2011, tells about this sound work reacting to its environment.

Star Wars. See Lucasfim.

Starrs Josephine. A founder of VNS Matrix.

Starwatcher. Pilot in a film by Moebius in 1991at Videosystem.
> Starwatcher (1991). Page Paris ACM Siggraph.

Stearns Phillip "An artist working with electronics and electronic media"
> Protochimtunes (2010)


Stefaner Moritz.
>well-formed eigenfactor (2008). with Martin Roswall and Carl Bergstrom. Visualization of information flows. 4 pages with pictures in [Bohnacker].

Steele James
< Architecture and computers. Laurence King 2001.

Stefans Brian Kim.
> The Dreamlife of Letters (2000). "Une des plus belles animations typographiques qu’on puisse trouver sur le Web. cette œuvre mixe la poésie cinétique, le calligramme abstrait et l’animation typographique pour dessiner des chorégraphies qui inventent une histoire des mots, montrent comment ils se forment et se transforment à partir des lettres comme un acteur jongle ou change de costume. Aucune capture-écran ne peut rendre compte des multiples surprises de ces animations". [

Stehle Gregor. Page Crumbweb.
> Unmovie (2000 c.), by Axel Heide, onesandzeroes, Philip Pocock et Gregor Stehle. [Greene] Page Netart.

Steichen Edward. Wikipedia. Digital ?

Stein Joël. Wikipedia. A member of Grav. Kinetic art.

Steinkamp Jennifer. Installation and video.

Steiner Christopher.
< Automate this. How algorithms come to rule the world. Penguin 2012. A review ot the book n Blomberg. About finance, but also about music, with stories about Ben Novak (music evaluation), David Cope (music creation) and Jason Brown (music analysis).

Steinweber Philipp.
> Similar Diversity (2007). with Andreas Koller. Data visualization. 4 pages with pictures in [Bohnacker].

Stelarc Sculpture, performance, body transplants.
- Personal website. Enghien-les-Bains. Quoted by [Moindrot 2013], pp. 215-218.
> Ear on arm (2006) [Moulon] p. 114-115 with photo.
> GH/JZ. Anatomical exoskeleton (2003) [Popper 2].
> Prosthetic Head (2002). Interactive installation, programming by Karen Marcelo and Sam Trychin. [Moulon] p.42-43 with photo.
> Exoskeleton (1999) [Paul], [Lopes].
- A note in Sadness in the Skyw Magazine. (1997).
> Ping Body (1996) [Paul].
> The third hand (1993). The third one controlled through the belly (to be
> Event for Amplified Body. Laser eyes and Third Hand.  (1986) [Popper 2] pp. 254-257.

Stenger Nicole. Mainly on the web. Relational and critical art.
> My Faux Cinema (1998). [Popper 2] pp. 374-379.

Stenslie Stahl. See Wikipedia and Aalborg Academia page. "Net, relational, CyberSM... "
- [Popper 2].  255-261. "...solve the problem of body erogenic zones".

Stephenson Franck, McLaren Automotive Design Director wikipedia
- Invited lecture at Siggraph Asia 2010 (Seoul) : "Automobiles have always been a reflection of technology draped in art, and "super cars" are the ultimate expression of automotive art and technology. Designers who create the next generation of super cars must have the right tools to articulate their vision. At the same time, they must always ask: What’s next?"

Stephenson Neal. Science Fiction writer.
< Snow crash ( 1992). Virtual worlds, viruses, informational issues. .
< The diamond age, Bantam 1995. Wikipedia . Nanotechnologies, Computed aided teaching.

Sterckx Filip. He is the creative director of Skullmapping, His work can be recognized by his inventive visual style, love for combining live-action and animation, and a tendency to break through the traditional 2D screen.

Stern Eddo. Films/games
> Vietnam Romance (2003) Large pictures in [Lieser].
> Summons to Surrender (2000).
> Sheik Attack (2000) Video from digital games. Greene p. 149

Stern Nathaniel
> Given Time (2010). A work in Second Life. Quoted with images in [Dermineur].

Stern Rudi. Light art.
> Circles (1969). Kinetic composition by Jackie Cassen and Rudi Stern in the Light Theater of New York. Three pages in [Youngblood] with photos.

Stévance Sophie
< Composer au XXIe siècle. Pratiques, philosophies, langages et analyses. Sophie Stévance ed. Vrin 2010.

Stevenson John. Film director.
> Kung Fu Panda (2008), with Mark Osborne. Dreamworks Corp

Stckel Gehrard
> Autopoems . 1965-66. Cited with picture by [Dreher].

Stiegler Bernard Wikipedia.
< La technique et le temps, Galilée 1994.

Stiny George. James Gips and George Stiny developed an algebra of shapes. Their 1971 paper is on line (PDF).
< Algorithmic Aesthetics. Computer models for criticism and design in the arts
. (University of California 1979) takes further towards aesthetics.

STMS Sciences et technologies de la musique et du son. Shared laboratory Ircam-CNRS


Stock Mark J. University of Michigan.
Fluid simulation and global illumination.
> Open House (2006 c.) Siggraph 2006.

Karl Heinz Stockhausen : the score for Mantra

Stockhausen Karl Heinz. A pioneer in electronic music. ( Paul Collaer (1965)) .
> Mantra (1970). Composition.
> Nr. 1 Kontrapunkte (1953)
> Kreuzspiel (1951).

Stocker Gerfried. Page web. Robots, net, interaction.
< Cyberarts 2004. Ars electronica award. By Hannes Leopoldseler, Christine Schöpf and Gerfried Stocker. Ars electronica center, Linz 2004. SH No 36 (actu).

Dawn Stoppiello. A founder of Troika Ranch.

Storycode. Transmedia storytelling events.

Stoski Chris Painer. Around 2000 Matte painting.

Strachey Christopher. Wikipedia.
> Love Letters (1952). See [Dreher].

Strand Kerry. Compart page.
> Fisherman (1968). Drawing on Calcomp Plotter. Quoted by [Lieser] 2015 with a picture

Strang Gerald. Music. commented at length in [Baudouin].
> Compusition 2 (1963).

Strasser Reiner.
> In the White Darkness (2004). Quoted by Bootz.

Stricker Tom. Professor, ETH Zurich.
< Advances in expressive animation in the interactive performance of a Butoh dance. by Jürg Gutknecht, Irena Kulka, Paul Lukowicz and Tom Stricker. A 16 pages paper in [Adams].

Stephanie Strickland: efficience and poetry start on her home page.

Strickland Stephanie. Poetry and research.
- Loss of Hover: Recreating Shockwave Vniverse as an App for iPad. Online.
- Takes part in the symposium Chercher le texte. Locating the Text in Digital Literature (Paris, 2013). Quite as star there. The program.
> Duets. With Nick Montfort. Generative poem. Oulipo way.
> Sea and Spar between
> Slippingglimpse (2007C). 14 pages of comments and images in [Ricardo]
> V: Waveson.nets/Losing L'una. Penguin, NY, 2002
> V; Vniverse. by by Stephanie Strickland and Cynthia Lawson.
> True North (1998). Eastgate Systems.

Strojna Bogumila
> Sketch 2019.

Strohmajer Igor. Relational art, networks, interaction. Wikipedia . Quoted with a picture by [artpress 2015].
- [Popper 2]p. 355-359 : "artiste spécialiste de l'Internet mobile et des projets portant sur la communication intime".
> Vladimirova Tereshkova
(1997) [Popper 2].
> Gagarin (1997) [Popper 2].

STRP . Art and technology festival Eindhoven (Netherlands). From 18 to 28 November 2010.

Structuresynth. Image generation software, by Mikael Christensen. Adapted from Context Free.
- Quoted by [Berger-Lioret] p. 172.

Strukt. A design studio in Vienna.
> Ligthtrails (2010). In cooperation with Unheilbar Architectur. Light and sound work for the Sound-frame festival, 2010. Music by Digitalhofen audiobakery.

Studer Monica  
> Hôtel Alps View (2000 and in constant develpment) by Monica Studer and Christof Van der Berg. quoted by [Lieser] with pictures

Studio Azurro. An artistic research studio, using new technologies. Created by Fabio Crifino in 1982, Paolo Rosa (visual arts and film) and Leonardo Sangiorgi (graphic arts and animation). In 1995 Stefano Roveda, interactive systems expert, joins the group..
> Coro (1995) Page web.

> Stylo (1988)

Subsol Gérard
< Virtual storytelling.  Third ICVS, 2005. Springer 2005. Gérard Subsol (ed). Conference proceedings.

Sufrin Edouard. Sculpture, installations.
> Aurora Urbana (Le dernier jour de Saturne) (2012)
- Has exposed since 2008.

Sugar Lab (Portland). 3D printed cakes.

Sugar Lab. Several organizations:
- Sugar Lab. in Portland (California), a firm founded by Liz and Kyle von Hasseln.
- Sugar Lab in Ventura (California) Owners and mother-daughter duo Kelly Shirk and Alison Davis created the Sugar Lab in April 2012 by blendng two passions: sweets and science.
- Sugar Labs, is an educational project for children (not art).

Sugrue Chris
> Augmented Hand Series (2013), by Golan Levin, Chris Sugrue and Kyle McDonald. Quoted with a picture by [artpress 2015].
> Delicate Boundaries (2007).

Suhr Cecilia. Multi-media artist, performer and assistant professor of digital media and aesthetics at Miami University Hamilton. SGDA Gallery, New-York.
> Veil (2010 c.) Digital painting series.

Suicide. "Otto Weininger... in 1903... in a metropole which had raised suicide to the rank of the fine arts". (Alex Ross : The rest is noise, Actes Sud 2010). Digital.

Sulic Susana. Corner page. An artist, critic and observer of digital literature.
> Autophagocitation (2010c.) A video and performance performed during the Chercher le texte festival (2013)
Among other works:
< Poésie virale, Clones et Contamina©tion; Indigo, Paris, 2005 ;
< Sciences et technologies dans l' art contemporain en Argentine. Le paysage abstrait. L'Harmattan, Paris, 2004.
< Projet Art et Génétique, Ed. John Libbey, Institut Cochin de génétique moléculaire (ICGM), Paris, 1997.

Sultan Josette.
< Ce corps incertain de l’image
L’Harmattan, 1998. Edited by Josette Sultan and Jean-Christophe Vilatte.

Summer Lloyd
> 1968. Christmas cards (indicate by [Masson]).

Sumner Vin. Founder and general manager of Clicks and Links.

Super Collider. Computer environment and programming language for real time audio synthesis and algorithmic composition. It is available on all platforms, and distributed under GPL licence. Code can be modified on the fly. It is one of the main live coding languages. - Education workshop in April 2012, by Jorge Ramírez and Ernesto Romero (Mexique) at La Fabrique (Nantes). The announcement.
< The Supercollider book, edited by Scott Wilson, David Cottle and Nick Collins. Foreword by James McCartney. MIT Press 2011

Super Nature. Design studio. "A Shanghai based multi-discipline design company. It specializes in interactive design, visual communication & media technology. It takes on challenges through experimentations in new media and physical computing. It provides tailor-made solutions from conceptualization to design, using new technologies integrated in

Supinfocom An art school, specialized in computer graphics. Facilities in Valenciennes, Arles (France) and other countries.

Sup'Infograph. Formation to animation film.

Survage Leopold. Cinema
> Rhythmes colorés
- [Popper 1] p. 126.

Susini Patrick . Team leader of " Perception et design sonores" (PDS) at Ircam

Susplugas Jeanne
>Distorsions (2015) (FR) . Light sculpture.

Alan Sutcliffe. Wikipedia. He creates a computer simulator showing a 3D terrain flyover, with rendering of computer-generated mountains. [Masson].
- In 1968, with John Lansdown, he founds the Computer Arts Society as a branch of the British Computer Society.
- An animation it Alien (Ridley Scott). Cites with 2 pictures in > Halftone Animation 1972. with Frederick Parke. Images in [Dreher]

Suter Thomas. Textures.
> Okinawa (2006) Imaginary flight.

Sutherland Ivan. E. He created the sketchpad, the first "light pencil" to draw directly on a computer, in 1950. Comments and vintage video in Nick Lambert. thesis. Biography in [Masson].
< Sketchpad. A Man-Machine Graphical Communication System. 1963. Reprinted with comments in [Wardrip-Fruin 2003].

Suzuki Yuri. Music.
>The Sound of the Earth (2013)
> Amateur Music Production (2009). In cooperation with the designer Jerszy Se.
> Finger Player (2008 c.). Interaction with disk mover. . 3 pages in [Klanten].

Swamp. Bio art. Group formed by Douglas Easterly and Matthew Kenyon.
> The Tardigochi (2010). with Tiago Rorke. Website. Combines a small anmal (tardigrade) with an electronic avatar. Commented in [ Debatty et al. 2011].

Sweden. See our geographical guide.

Sutherland Ivan
- Sketchpad (circa 1965) Cited with picture by [Dreher].

Sweeney Skip. A page on VDB.
> Illuminatin'Sweeney (1975). Cited by[Parfait], p.111. He uses a sound-color synthesizer developed by Bill Hearney.

Switzerland. See our geographical guide.

Sy Oumou. Stylist. Wikipedia. A strong personality in the digital world. She created the Metissacana in Dakar, 1996. Properly speaking, none of her fashion pieces are properly digital.

Sykora Zdenek. Painting.
> Structure blanche et noire (1968). Painting of a computerized drawing. Quoted by Darko Fritz in [Lartigaud]. See an image and the reconstituted code in the Recode project.

Symbiotica. "an artistic laboratory dedicated tfo the research, learning, critique and hands-on engagement with the life sciences." Wikipedia. Founded by Otton Catts. Commented in [ Debatty et al. 2011]. Commented by [Reichle 2009]
> Victimless Leather (2004).
> Disembodied Cuisine (2003)
> The Pig Wings (2000-2003)
> Tissue Culture & Art(ificial) Wombs Semi Living Worry Dolls (2000).

Synare. Electronic drums, in the 1980's. See Wikipedia.

Synesthésie . A cultural center in Saint-Denis (Ile de France).
. About LMQTP at Synesthésie and ArtPress 2: Head in the clouds or feet on the ground ?
- More in French.

Bernard Szajner : Haiku.

Syntheses'3D. Creation studio.

Systaime . Michaël Borras's pesudo. Graphic artist and designer.
> Attract Money (2016) Video
> Open Your Web (2011). Video.

SYSTEMarchitects. An architect studio. An innovative practice cofounded in 1998 by partners Jeremy Edmiston and Douglas Gauthier in New York City. The practice is a simultaneous engagement with and reflection on contemporary culture. Participating in this culture necessitates a focus on spaces that are multi-layered, overlapping, and intertwining — systems consisting of varying constituencies, economies and environments — systems both concrete and > Burst* House (2006). Sectioning and embossing. Quoted by [Iwamoto], who adds two pages, photos and schemas.

Szajner Bernard. Paintings and interaction.
> A live performance by Sjaner and Yro, 11/16/2012. On Vimeo
> Inexistence préexistante (2012). Presentation and comments (PDF).
> Haiku (2010 c. )

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